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  • Dynasty 700 EN & EP

    While at work I run a Dynasty 700. My question is this. If I am using my 400 amp torch and EN & EP are independantly set to 2:1.5, and my balance is at 75. Is it safe to set the amps on machine to the max amp (400) and allow my EN to exceed the limits of the torch. Or is it not because my balance is not 100? More than one question then Im sorry. Where could I go to get a better understanding of this?
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    Your 400 amp torch is 400 Amps DC 280 Amp AC 100% duty cycle.

    The AC rating is on a transformer machine set on balanced 50%. If your Amp split ratio is 2:1.5 and the balance at 75, you are putting less heat on the torch head and can run the amps higher than the 280A listed. Plus, you are NOT welding at 100% duty cycle and you can exceed those ratings.
    I regularly run AC 250-300 amps through WP225 torches rates at 160 Amps AC.
    The combinations you describe would allow you to run at those higher amperages.

    Hope this helps.



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      Thanks Andy
      Obviously I would want to know the answer to this and many other questions as well.
      So if you feel like rambling on about this a bit more I am all ears!!
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        No problem.

        You will love that machine once you get used to changing EN/EP splits.

        Remember, if you get too much split and your EP gets too low, your cleaning of the Alum will go way down and you will have to lower your balance to compensate and regain cleaning. 2:1 is usually the most I go but have gone 3:1 in some cases with HE mixes. Just watch the puddle and make sure you get enough cleaning. Start 2:1.5 EN/EP and go from there. One thing it's easy to do is get the numbers flipped the wrong way and put out more EP than EN. You will notice lots of cleaning and real poor tungsten life.

        Have fun!