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Cor-ten steel welding

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  • Cor-ten steel welding

    What type wire, using a mig welder, would work best for Cor-ten A & B steel?
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    From Lincoln Electric

    What consumable should be used for weathering steel?

    Core Ten (A242 & A588) steels are weathering steels commonly used for outdoor structures. These steels have a higher resistance to atmospheric corrosion than typical mild steels. Often, welds on these steels are specified for similar corrosion resistance and color match.

    On single pass welds, mild steel electrodes are commonly used. There is usually enough pickup from the base metal to obtain a good color match.

    On multiple pass welds, low-alloy electrodes are commonly used to obtain a good color match and similar corrosion resistance. The electrodes commonly specified include those with the suffixes -C1, -C2, and -C3.
    Sounds to me like ER70S6 or ER80S6 depending on yield strength. If a welding procedure is not specified by the SEOR, there probably is no SEOR and thus is not really important.

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      I can't remember all the details... but special wire or rod needs to be used to maintain the corrosion resistance (ER80S-G).
      Our (in the Coast Guard) 44 foot motor life boats were built out of Cor-ten steel. One of the contractor doing some repairs didn't use the rod specified in the contract and the boat started springing leaks a few months after the job was finished. Needless to say, the contractor was on the hook for the repairs and the time that the boat was out of service to do the repairs.


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        I use this,........ made to match the A588 weathering resistance.
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