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  • A little lumpy

    I have been welding my cheeks off for the last few weeks trying to get my welds nice and smooth for my 6g welding cert. The sides and top look really nice but the bottom is a little lumpy on my cap. Ive been alternating my stops and starts every new pass i was just wondering if i should just practice some more overhead or maybe something else not sure any advice would be appreciated.


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    Thanks Reggie, I appreciate the advice I'm gonna put it to good use. I should have said I'm using a 302 miller Trailblazer welding at about 90 amps with the dig setting on 7018 and welding on a 2 inch "super coupon" is what they told me it was i do believe the thickness is around .850 or something close to that. Again i do thank you for your advice. I test in about 3 weeks, as far passing I'm pretty sure I got it all wrapped unless I go in there drunk LOL ,just kidding of course, but I believe chance favors the prepared mind.


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      Originally posted by fng656 View Post
      as far passing I'm pretty sure I got it all wrapped unless I go in there drunk LOL
      That might be just what you need to smooth your bead out!

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        That was the thought i was having but i dont think they would to kindly upon me walking in there have juiced up.....thats not until afterward.


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          I was practicing stick with my new Dynasty200dx and the Dig setting made a world of difference for me. (had to chuckle at your suggestion for test prep).

          The fitter that helped me the most in learning litterly shook so bad he couldn't drink coffee out of a (big ol white mug) with out putting two hands on it and holding it and leaning over to the cup!! But he could weld overhead by sound! (dang I miss that guy). Good luck on the test!!

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            OT-Speaking about shaking

            I had to chuckle about the shaking.
            When my son was born about 34 years ago in Great Falls, Mt., the doctor my wife went to shook like an aspen leaf in a wind storm. I mentioned it to his nurse. She told me that he never waivered in the OR. He was a wizard with the scalpel. She said that he had delivered all 3 of her children and she wouldn't even consider anyone else. My son was delivered by him by Caesarian, & all was well. Guess it was meant to be that way.

            Jerry in Anchorage


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              Thanks for that story chop,I got a bad shaking problem myself, dont quite know why could be due to extended shifts at the bar after work or it could be a genetic thing im not real sure, but that story gave me a little more confidence knowing that there is other rod shakers out there other than just me.