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  • 321 to 316 Stainless

    Hi. I'm getting ready to do a small job with some 321 stainless tube(probably .030-.040) to 316 flanges. I will be using my dynasty 200dx and I was hoping to get some setup ideas from any of you that have done alot of it. I'm figuring to use 347 x 1/16 wire, 3/32 lanthanated and a gas lense. I think I should use the pulser to do it but I'm not sure of the setting for stainless. I do plan on back purging once it is tacked. As far as amperage, I was going to start at about 1 amp/.001 of wall thickness or slighly higher. I'd appreciate your opinions.

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    Butt welding .030 to .040 stainless 304 or 316 I used approximately 35 to 40 amps, purge weld so that the inside weld looks as good as the outside one with 100% penetration.
    If they are Dairy ferrules it will be a butt weld, if its a pipe flange more heat will be needed as they are thicker than the tube, if there is no tangent on the flange.

    I used 48 amps on my machine on .062 wall tube, and we use a purge on all of the tube welds.

    mike sr
    mike sr