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Miller 350 synchro High Frequency Question

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    Kind of a toughy, what I want to know is if your HF works in continous?

    And what is your post flow set at? May be a simple jammed timer issue...


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      Best guess that I have right now................the potentiometer for the start amperage circuit is acting up.

      I removed it from the machine and went to Radio Shack for a replacement. No 1k's in stock, so I came back and soldered the original back in.

      Now the machine is working. I welded for about 3 hours this afternoon/evening. I press the pedal and the machine starts an arc. It's kind of weak, but it's good enough to get things going. I'm not going to touch the potentiometer to try to increase the setting. It might stop working.

      I'll update the thread next week. There's a good electronics shop around the corner that will have the potentiometers.

      Thanks cruizer!


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        AC Unstable intermitent arc

        I just bought a used syncro 350 and made a couple of passes in dc and ac and it was very well, then an aquintance of mine came to practice for an aluminum test and I got him throwing some coinstacks all of a sudden the arc became intermitent and unstable. I used it in dc for stainless and everithing was OK but changed it back to ac for aluminum and the same thing happens. Obi wan kenobi please help me!!!!!!!!