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Weldor needed for summer season Alaska

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  • Weldor needed for summer season Alaska

    Found an experienced Aluminum weldor.....Thanks for looking...Work is in Naknek Alaska...Work is Mig (spool gun) on Aluminum boats...Hull and deck repairs, engine and gear mounts etc. Also Diesel exhaust systems,(Stainless and aluminized steel) Tig and mig..Most work is outside in boat yard working off service truck..Bad weather, wind, bugs....Not for the timid or faint of heart...Starts mid may 2009 and runs until mid August 2009. approx 90 days...we work 7 days a week approx 50-60 hrs week..We sometimes have a couple weeks of heavy steel GMAW dock work at seasons end as well as some GMAW pipe work...Job requires you to fly to King Salmon, Alaska...Pay is $20-$40 per hr DOE....Room and board (2 meals daily and shared cabin sleeping quarters) $15 a day ....This work is short term..You will hit the ground running and when it's over it's [email protected]
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    I've received a couple responses to this ad but...I need someone who is an EXPERIENCED aluminum welder...These diesel powered fishing boats are made of 5086 in 3/16 and 1/4 inch thickness with the keel, shoe, and rudders made of 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4.. Marine experience is a big plus! to [email protected]
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    Hmmmm, you you need any welder repair Techs.....


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      Sounds like a great job. Unfortunately I already have one a lot like it. It's heavy earth movers instead of boats, but I get all the bugs and wind and weather I could ask for. I head for Dawson City Yukon in a couple days, back to the placer mine for the season.
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        Originally posted by cruizer View Post
        Hmmmm, you you need any welder repair Techs.....
        Its that slow in Alberta right now eh?


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          Wow! That would be sooo cool! For someone who loves boats (like me) to go to Alaska and work work on them,.. what an opportunity!! If I was younger,..


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            Used to be my backyard!! Could be good for the right guy! This is a place is a quan't little indian village (lots of tourist fishermen in the summer and also the center of the most profitable salmon industry in Alaska, not far from the best fishing/ hunting in the world, but trust me it will be "culture shock" for 99% of the rest of ya!! I used to fly my float plane out of Naknek the pond is called 'Slopbucket' lake!! Not uncommon to have a few brownbear in town with ya and usually we kept the shotgun next to the sleeping bag (oh thats right you are going to be in a cabin You young bucks ought to jump on it!!
            The men are men and the girls, well they are ok, most have all their teeth still? (just kidding). I miss those days fishing for 20lb rainbows and catching artic grayling till you were to tired to fish! here is a few photos taken in the area.

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              Oh to be young and single... well I'm still young at least!!!
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