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ice-55c went haywire

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  • ice-55c went haywire

    I bought a spectrum 2050 back in sept of 08 and it was dead right out of the box so i had to cordinate with a gentleman who is the only service guy within 50 mile radius. he fixed the problem which was 2 of the boards inside. it had worked fine ever since. Untill today i was cutting a patern out of 16 ga. hot rolled sheet on a plasma cam table which this machine has been dedicated to since it arrived. i had this also wired up by my brother who is a licenced electrition and i change the consumables about every 2k inches of cutting on this table with 16 ga. i rarely ever cut anything over 3/16 and when i do cut 3/16 i change the consumables about every 800-1k inches. i follow the duty cycle chart to the T. and today the cutter started cutting just fine with a set of consumables that had roughly 500 inches of 16 ga on them and i run 30A on the output and run the table at 75 ipm now the torch was doing ok to start off with and then mid way through the cut it started smoking and the arc disappered and i immediately stopped the table and opened the cup to see the condition of teh electrode and the internals the electrode seems to be in pretty good condition except that the swirl ring was like melted onto the electrode but i was able to remove it and also the cup itself was burned a litle and the tip was in good shape now i have a melted torch that does not work with all new consumables and im wondering what is the TRUE BLUE warrenty going to do for me and what would cause this to happen???? And i know the first question is going to be "was the cup on tight" and the answer is it was snug but not over tighted because i am aware of the inherant problems with overtightening the cup.. please help!!!! i will call miler when they open but id like to get a couple of opinions!! and remember this thing was DEAD out of the box!!!!!

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    ICE-55C Torch

    Please give me a call and we can get you into a service station. The warranty on the torch is one year so if you bought the machine new in sep. of 08 there should not be any problems. 920-831-4854
    Brian Brown
    Service Technician
    Miller Electric Mfg. Co.