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econotig no weld tig or stick

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    It's just really lacking power and the foot pedal does not change intensity. The unit will arc but will not puddle. I was able to weld some steel that was .040 thick using a stick and a very slow motion. Should have burned through it. I talked with my local welder and he thought it was missing the high freq. I don't know if this helps. Thanks much for your replies.


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      Problem Fixed

      I found an old thread of someone who had a similar problem and he published that the shunt winding control circuit was the problem. He replaced all main components in that circuit for under $20. So I thought I would try that route. After discussing this with the EE, the SCR and the FET seemed to be the most likely culprits. There was also an opto coupler that may cause some trouble. So I bought the three new items for Q13, Q11 and OC2 from Digikey (Digikey part #'s S8055MTP, 1RG4PC4OUPBF, TLP748J) for under $20. The conformal coating is a drag, but problem fixed; and for a lot less than $300. It appears that the SCR (item Q13) was most likely the problem component. If you know what to look for, and are confident around electronics, you might want to try it for $18 before you buy a new card. I see this question a lot on many boards so it must be a fairly common problem with a common fix. My take on it is that I don't think the repair people want you to know this info as it would be a loss of easy business for them. Good luck.


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        Originally posted by roberto View Post
        I have an econotig model 903367 I bought it used I have never been able to get it to weld properly. I have used a freinds econotig and can weld both tig or stick, so I brought my welder to my freinds house pluged in to his 220 outlet so I know I have plenty of input power, when we use my pedal or his it will arc but there is no change in power output. can not get a puddle on steel 1/16 or 1/8 inch so we tried the stick, once again it will arc but will not puddle. NEED HELP his welder hooked up with my pedal and torch works fine. I changed 14 pin pedals thinking that it was bad but no change in sound of arc when pedal is pressed from start all the way to full pedal. the pedal or dial seem to not make a differance.
        The hall is whacked, find it order a new one and all will be fine.


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          My take on it is that I don't think the repair people want you to know this info as it would be a loss of easy business for them
          It is not that simple!
          Do you expect to walk into a service centre and tell the guy what your machine is doing, then for him to give you a list of parts for you to go and buy elsewhere and fit yourself and maybe kill yourself in the process!!!!
          The guy would end up in jail!
          Lot more to it to diagnose a PCB and its faults

          He has a business to run

          You want something for nothing and whinge when you dont get it

          How many hours did you spend to save yourself a few bucks?

          The sad thing is that there are a lot of IDIOTS like you that we would be far better off without !!!!!