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MM 252 Tank Rack Size ?

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  • MM 252 Tank Rack Size ?

    I just purchased a MM 252, I am renting a C25 tank from the LWS, the tank they gave me was the largest tank they rent of C25, the tank is approx. 4' tall and about 7" in diameter.
    I plan on buying my own tank on next refill, I would like to get something about 3' tall and about 10" in diameter.
    I have a acy tank thats about 3' tall and 8-9" in dia. (125 cf) and it looks like I could go to about 10" dia. on the factory single cyl. rack.
    Does anyone know, can I get a short/ fat tank for C25 ? The LWS said something about a high pressure issue, so that was the largest tank I could get.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    I doubt you're gonna find a tank that size.
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      Tanks are made in very specific sizes.
      An Acetylene tank is a low pressure tank and a C25 is a high pressure tank totally different construction. Now there are aluminum tanks that are about the size you require but are for pure CO2 which is a medium pressure tank.
      So you see nothing is really interchangeable.
      The back of my tig machine has a 250 CF argon bottle and my mig will have the same size bottle. It's cheaper in the long run. The more gas you buy the less it costs to a point.
      I'd run the biggest bottle you can handle for your application.
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        As has been mentioned, I don't think there is a bottle out there that meets your dimensions.

        My recommendation, as has also been mentioned, is to get the largest bottle that you can. Gas is much cheaper per cu. ft. in the larger sizes. For instance, a straight Argon 330 cu. ft. bottle costs me $66 to refil. One of my 125 cu. ft. bottles (for portable use) of straight Argon cost me $46 to fill. See where I'm going?

        If you've got the dual tank rack on your MM252, it will handle two 330's.
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          Thanks guys

          Thanks for the responses.
          I knew acy was low pressure, I didn't know if they made a high pressure tank in those dimensions.
          I do see the logic in going big.
          I didn't realize there was that small of difference in price of Argon, I figured I couldn't afford to fill a large one.
          Thanks again all.


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            I have the same machine and I purchased a 300series C25 tank and you will find that even that size goes pretty fast if you do much wire squirting! By the way, you will love that machine! I live quite away's away from the supplier so I have two tanks (one chained to the wall) and the other on the 252 (nothing worse than running out on a Saturday!)

            PS: unfortunately with the economy I have found quite a few owner bottles of gas for pretty cheap on CL.
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