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Trailblazer 250G Problem

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  • cruizer
    Sounds like if your lucky weak brushes otherwise the likelyhood of a failed field regulating board is pretty good....

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  • BDK
    started a topic Trailblazer 250G Problem

    Trailblazer 250G Problem

    I recently purchased a Trailblazer 250G (from 1993). It has an intermittent problem, in which the amperage appears to dip. It will be welding just fine, and then the arc will suddenly become very close, and it will be incapable of melting the rod, and I will get either a stick or a build up of slag and the arc will stop. The close arc reminds me of the arc that is present right when you start welding, before the full amperage kicks in. The problem is also independent of whether or not the welder is set on "idle/run" or "run". If it is set on "idle/run", it will kick up to "run" mode, but still may or may not weld correctly. I replaced the rectifier on a whim, but it did not fix the problem, and upon further testing of the rectifier it seems to be functioning fine. If anyone has insight, or perhaps a dealer/repair shop's manual, please post!