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Magnesium cutting rods?

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  • Magnesium cutting rods?

    I was looking at an old welders handbook that stated there are magnesium rods for cutting off bolt heads and other odd cut jobs. Have any of you guys ever heard of, or used such a process?



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    Magnesium Arc Rods

    crabber: Check out They manufacture "Cronatron" and "Cronacut 1100" arc cutting rods.

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      Wonder if the are talking about a lancing (Caldo) torch? You have a holder, the magnesium rods and you start the end of magnesium on fire with a scratch on an arc plate. Oxygen is hooked up and blows the metal away. Also used for burning the center out of LONG/FAT pins. I personally use a Smith sc 13-3 washing/gouging torch tip for removing old bolts.....Dave


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        The place I work at made nuclear reactors and generators for years. They had a reactor that had sat in storage for over 20 years and they decided to scrap it. They used magnesium lancing rods to cut it apart. That thing was 15 inches thick with about a 1/2 or more of Inconel clad on the inside , the mag rods cut it like butter. Awesome display of fire.
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          Broco has a torch kit that requires a car battery and a bottle of oxygen. It about $400 and they still make them. They are used alot in underwater welding/cutting. but are still used top side as well
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            "ArcAir Slice"

            Thermadyne makes a similar exothermic cutting system used by First Responders.

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