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Remote Control 14 Pin Vs 6 Pin

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  • Remote Control 14 Pin Vs 6 Pin

    Can anybody tell me Wich is the correct plug to use(SMAW) for the remote control on Lincoln ranger 305G,D and vantage welding machines.ive seen the 6 pin and also the 14 pin plug used,what does Lincoln reccomend? what is the difference in the two plugs.i know the 14 pin plug is for the wire feeders but can you also use it for SMAW? will you do any damage if you use this side for SMAW, Pro's & con"s please.Thank'sin advance.

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    I had understood that if you ran a 14 pin remote you were able to run more 110V off the remote. On my remote which I bought from Jeff at Weld Alert, its a 14 pin, 3 turn dial with 4 plug-ins on it. I could be wrong on this, maybe Jeff would jump in on this post.


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      You can use either. If you have a remote without axiillary 110 power then use the 6 pin, with power I find it easier to use the 14 pin. Zero problems last 10 years.

      Some may want to run other devices on the 14 pin and a remote, but that is few and far between, and becomes a custom order.

      On the Millers 14 pin there is only 10 amps available, so thats the only time we twin to a receptacle.
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        Or do it like Gerald does, and run the remote thru the 6 pin and pull the 120v straight off one of the 120 outlets.
        Works just lovely.

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