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  • Overhead test

    I am a machinist by trade and have picked up welding over the years.

    I have been asked to get certified in the overhead position with stick. I will be using a backing bar, 1/8" 7018 on 3/8" plate. What should the gap at the bottom of the groove be?


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    I set mine at the diam. of the wire (minus the flux)
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      Thanks for the help!

      Just one more question. If the gap is say 5/32" for a 5/32" 7018 what is the trick for getting that fat rod up in that groove to make your first pass?



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        If it's the same style of test as the CWB cert. with stick then your plates will already be tacked together for you. All of the structural tests for SMAW are generally done with 1/8" 7018. The typical setup for the over head plate is a 1/8" backing plate with one coupon beveled to 30* and one coupon at 90* with a 3/8" gap between the plates. This gives you enough room to make 2 root passes (about 5/32" beads) and your first fill pass down the centre between your roots. Then fill and cap out with stringers (5/32" to 3/16" beads). Preheat is to room temp.-- just enough to get the sweat out of the steel.
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