I did a short search yesterday and found virtually nothing on this machine on the discussion forums.
I purchased one of these machines a couple of days ago. All I have so far is the power source. It was a demo unit and slightly damaged by the freight company. I got it as new with full warranty. It is a 2006 model.
I did a download of the owners manual and found it has the multiple waveforms like my 200...woohoo!!! I wasn't sure if that would be the case.
The machine was tried out by a local factory and they did not like using it. mainly because of a GIANT torch it had on it. They said it was like welding with a clawhammer.
I got absolutely nothing with this machine...no connectors or torches, not even the power cord!! So it will take me awhile to get this thing up and running.
I noticed Number One and Bodybagger have 700's in their signatures.
BTW I got this machine at such a righteous price, I swear you guys would not believe it. I would have loved to have bought a used Dyn 300 or a 350 but I got this for less or around what most people would have given for those! (used) It was a matter of having an LWS manager who really does like me and helping me out Many thanks to him!!!!!
Because it is so nice, I plan to just sell my Airco setup complete and put together a whole different system for this machine.
If you have any input on this machine I am all ears because I want to know everything I can about it
I started a thread on it yesterday during lunch and titled it "adopted refuge"...I meant REFUGEE. I also included a pic as well. Photobucket is down for maint right now and I need to get to work!!