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    I have an Aircomatic Mighty IV Wire Feeder it has the 3 prong for 115 volts and the 2 prong cord (code #o899). The feeder runs off of a Miller CP 300 a 3-phase welder. The machine and the feeder have been a very good combination but, the trouble is with the wire staying hot before its feed through the gun and by the way is a tweeco gun with a euro type connection. It suddenly started this problem or maybe I should say I just noticed this problem. If the wire jams for some reason it continues to stay hot and arc inside the feeder causing damage. This can't be part of normal operation. What causes this problem and how could someone go about fixing it?
    Please... by all means I don't need advice or information on what kind of new wire feeder and or machine to buy "NO SALE" here! I'm just trying to solve this problem.


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    I think you have a "burnback" controller dial, turn it to "0".


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      "burnback" controller

      There's no burnback controller on this feeder or the machine there's just a wire speed dial on the feeder and of coarse other options like the purge, jog and remote receptacle switch and water inlet outlet. The machine is the crank type amp adjustment it has a remote 2-prong for the wire feeder separate from a 3-prong for 115volts to run a feeder motor or anything else needed.



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        Airco Feeder

        You have two problems. The first is CP300 being hot when you don't want it to be. You can easily tell when machine is hot by looking at voltmeter. When voltage is there and feeder not feeding, quickly pull out contactor cord. If voltage disappears, feeder is telling machine to weld when feeder is stopped which is probably caused by relay contacts in feeder burned together, or metal in contacts. If voltage stays up, problem is in CP300.
        Second problem, if I understand you correctly, is arcing from welding wire being hot. This should not happen and in general means welding current is going from welding wire down the ground wire to feeder-not your welding ground, the green wire in control cable. Usually this happens when metal dust collects on feeder providing a current path.
        Does your feeder have a 4 pole P&B relay? weldersales


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          Airco Feeder

          I apologies for the delay in reply I have been traveling frequently.

          I don't recall seeing the volt meter move while welding or not but I will look next time. I removed the machine from its original 3 phase location to a single phase location [needed the space plus there's more room in the single phase location]. Now I cant say I'd have any success running it on 230volt single phase being the machine is 3 phase 200/230/460 volt machine but would still like to know options on how to fix the problem at hand.

          The welding wire that is arcing is from the wire staying hot all the way to the spool. When the wire finds a ground anywhere it will short out even at the spool. The most likely place is behind the drive wheel [in between the drive and the spool] the wire gets red hot there and will bird nests or worse.

          No & Yes! No the feeder don't have a 4 pole its a 14 pole and Yes the relay feeder is a P&B / AMF Potter & Brumfield {KUP17A55 24V**. I gave the machine and feeder a good dusting with compressed air before because I suspected the same problem as described but, no change though.

          All info is greatly appreciated.

          Thanks, Jeremy