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  • Clean it up.

    This is getting old. I feel this site is turning into a giant babysitting job.
    If you don't have anything to CONSTRUCTIVELY contribute to the post, don't exercise your fingers just to take jabs at people.
    Take a moment to ask yourself if you're adding to the site or taking away from it.
    If you can't make up your own mind, I will do it for you and it won't be a flag or a warning. You just won't be posting anymore.
    Last week I was one click away from suspending the whole site.
    I'm tired of losing sleep over some of you who like to stir the pot. You know who you are. I know you have good information that can be shared and can be a valuable source without the sarcasm. I have tried to let common sense prevail here but obviously that ain't happening.

    I'm not trying to be a d!ck here. You should see the blistering my private messages get from people tired of this and wishing for intervention.

    Consider this your 1st, 2nd and last warnings.

    I don't know how this really got this bad. Maybe it's cause I was traveling so much the last couple years and wasn't watching close enough. I guess I'll take some of the blame.
    I know you all have the ability to positively impact our members and anyone coming here for help.

    When I teach classes, the first thing I tell them is where the bathroom is. The second is that there are no dumb questions and the only dumb question is the one not asked.
    Let's not make people in search of knowledge feel dumb. None of us were born omniscient.

    I know we can all work together... we used to.
    Please don't test this. I won't lose sleep over it.
    That's all I have to say about it.

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    Well said Andy & Thanks for speaking up. On a positive note how goes the race season so far? I know you are very busy but if you can share some track photos like last year sure would be neat. Thanks
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      Just got back from Daytona last night.
      I'll be posting event stats showing our sponsored teams along with a few pics each week on the motorsports side.
      So far so good.

      Both Nationwide and Cup races were won by Miller teams along with the qualifying pole position for both races.



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        hey Guys im pretty spankin' new to this forum and by far have found the abundant information so helpful.

        I post on a few other forums, here in Memphis that mostly music related, (guys who play in bands, etc) anyhow, we have had this problem on our forum once we started getting large numbers of people who have joined, its easy for a lot of people just to make posts that arent very well thought out and dont worry about what repercussions their words might have.

        Anywho, dont loose your sleep over it, this forum still offers a great wealth of information on welding and its applications and hey, its just the internet!

        keep up the great work.


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            Hopefully that will be the end of the bickering Jim
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              Originally posted by Mastertig View Post

              Thats just not right.....on many levels! HAHA
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                i think i now whats wrong here. we have to many weldors on this fourm and as you all know most weldors have bad tempers, bad attitudes. we all get a little wound up every once and a while and it gets out of hand.

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                  First off, Andy, thanks for posting. The last few weeks have been interesting...

                  Second, some folks just aren't right. Thats just the way it is. When you work with them, or end up next to them in the pub, you either egg them on, or you just leave them alone.

                  One thing I see, is people trying to be funny, or witty, and it gets someone else's nose out of joint.

                  The last and most prevelant is, folks just messin with other folks.

                  There is no real "fix" for these behaviors. Other than Andy stepping in and being forced to do something.

                  My suggestion, stop giving Andy 3 bad choices here. Need to throw him a good choice every now and then. Course I can guess what way this will go...

                  Been good talking to you folks. I have learned a bunch, and laughed pretty hard a few times. Still think it's pretty cool I can talk to people around the world from all walks of life.


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                    good job Andy. i can see from the threads that I've read tonight that your point was made. now we'll See how long it last.
                    is interesting as it was some times it was taking away from getting or giving real help to people that needed it. thanks .
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                      Originally posted by vin-man welding View Post
                      good job Andy. i can see from the threads that I've read tonight that your point was made. now we'll See how long it last.
                      is interesting as it was some times it was taking away from getting or giving real help to people that needed it. thanks .
                      I agree Andy - good job. I too noticed a difference in attitude on some of the posts & replies I've read so far tonight.


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                        I sure hope we call all get back to the peace, love, and harmony that this place once was.
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                          Thanks for intervening!! I have only been here for a month or so and have gotten a lot of very valuable information (just trying to learn a new process and I "only own Blue welders" so I was looking for expertise and advice on Miller equipment.

                          I trust that everyone will move forward and give due respect to all on the site.

                          Congratulations to the Miller team!!


                          PS: just purchased another Blue MM-252 metal glue gun and love it!!
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                            Hey Andy
                            Professional Auto Mechanic since 1974
                            My own shop since 1981
                            Cya Frank


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                              from what i read on this forum there is alot of smart and talented guys here. it would be a shame to lose this.