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  • tig pics. opinions.

    Ok I have been practicing tig welding for the past two weeks on my lunch break.
    Mostly trying lap joints with 18 g sheet. not sure what size the filler is but it's like i'm holding a strand of hair. running the machine at 35 amps and peddle to the floor the whole time. cone shaped tungsten with a flattened tip(getting pretty good at sharpening the tip), not sure what the gas flow is, i'll check tomorrow. What should it be? unsure on tungsten dia. Very new to tig so if anyone has any input on what joints would be best for learning or anykind of input for a beginner. Thanks in advance

    pictures down 4 posts.
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    Not too bad. 18G is kind of thin to start out with, but you seem to have it pretty well in hand. I'm guessing someone at work is coaching you and helping set up the machine. Thats great.

    Please try and resize your picts in the future before posting. I can't read most of your post because the picts spread out the text and it runs behind the miller adds on the side. Also there are a few with dialup still and they will not like you most likely.


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      That is pretty good, The small hiccups as you move along are only preventable with practice. Your bead width might be a bit large for 18ga but it is not varying so it is again just more practice.

      I would have no issue selling that, but I believe in time you will still improve.

      Keep up the good work and never be affraid of more practice.



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        Sorry for the huge pics. Been using photobucket and just tried to resize them. they stay the same size no matter what. Next time I will try and post the pics in a different way.

        Thanks for the comments.
        Actually DSW no one at my work is teaching me how to do this. I just come home at night and nerd away on the computer reading the GTAW handbook and watching videos. But my boss is actually sending me to the dayshift next week to practice with our good welder(person). Heres a quote from my boss "There is no reason to grind off the rust before welding, that's why we make the welds so big." That is why i have been teaching myself. I mean he can teach me a little bit. meaning i just take anything he says and do the opposite.

        anyways thanks again. I will be practicing everyday of my life. I consider every weld i place practice by trying to put the best weld down as i can to my ability. even if it is just for a stupid little street sign.


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          ok this should be better. Pictures re sized.
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            Looks like your right on the verge of a good weld, and the only thing I can see wrong from the pictures is that your beads are not consistent, and thats nothing practice cant fix. Other than that, looks really good, and looking at the heat affected rainbow stain, looks like you controlled your heat pretty well.
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              When I want to go in as straight of a line as possible, before I tack the pieces together I'll make a scratch mark on both parts. I'll set my dividers at just under 1/8" if I want the bead to be 1/4" wide. Then I flow the edge of the bead into the line and it disappears.
              With this method my beads turn out about as straight as yours, lol, yours would look robot-straight.


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                alright here is another pic of the same thing with a little improvement.
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                  Originally posted by Jeep80CJ7 View Post
                  alright here is another pic of the same thing with a little improvement.

                  Its still bad, bead dime #14 is out of place. Nice work buddy.
                  If you want peace, be prepared for war!


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                    it's been about a 5 days of practice now since the last post. They are getting a little better just not sure on the heat input, having a hard time staying consistent on that. Also went from using the foot control to the thumb control.
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                      Those look good man, I just started tig myself and really like it. You should try some corner joints on some 10 gauge thats good practice too.


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                        i have been doing outside corners on the 18 gauge. i just can't get any good pictures of them cause they are so **** small. doing flat and vertical ups.
                        ill try to get some pictures.


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                          These are the best pictures I could get of the outside corners. Had to brighten them up so you could see them.

                          First is of the outside corner in the flat position
                          second is of the outside corner vertical up.

                          Oh yeah i checked the filler size, it's .030 308l stainless.
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                            Jeep80 and MT88,

                            Learning with ya!! I am new to this tigging as well! MT88 your consistancy looks awesome (must be a whole lot younger then me, 56). I am just trying to get my shakes sonsistant (LOL)

                            What machine are you using?? I am using a (new dynasty200dx)
                            Can you please post the machine settings and as well the size/style of torch and consumbables you are using??

                            (probably a stupid question) but it appears you are using SS (what type) as my practice on MS (cleaned doesn't look that descriptive in the heat coloring after welding)

                            Have you tried any Aluminum----now that is a humbling experiece###@%^%^

                            Keep the photos coming---and if you don't mind maybe we can use this as a "newbie" practice thread??

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                              looking Good

                              I like the way your welds are turning out.