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Critique my welds - please!

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  • Critique my welds - please!

    I first have to say that the first time I ever picked up a tig weld was about a week or so ago. Be kind. I think I've come along pretty well considering my first welds were pretty much crap (especially when I had the gas off!).


    Please advise on anything you see that could be better. Can you see anything I'm doing wrong?

    Any tips are much appreciated!


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    Malder, looks like you are on the right track....I would not have included the no gas shot though, looks like you are in the right heat range, maybe a little more 'wetting out' of the toes could be used. keep up the good work, hope this helps,Paul
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      Not bad not bad. I have not tried tig yet, but just from a bead stand point, and I may be wrong...It looks like they could be a little tighter. Overall very good. You get a gold star.
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        Lookin' Good !!

        Originally posted by Iron Head
        Oh that’s what these youngens shoot for!
        Iron Head, Just the Youngens ???

        .............. Norm :


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          Originally posted by nfinch86 View Post
          Iron Head, Just the Youngens ???

          .............. Norm :

          I'm pretty sure He means people like me norm, I'm a little inexperienced, but I always shoot for that perfect row of dimes, the tighter, the better (can do it too)...

          Matt, as far as your welds go, it looks like you're getting the hang of it buddy! The only thing I can say is that it looks like you're almost being too careful, it almost looks like a bunch of tacks overlapped.. It might be that you're a little cold and being cautious, the first one looks good. Try the "Walk The Cup" method if you can, it'll make any transitions smoother, and will tighten your bead (which according to IRON HEAD is what us youngens are trying for). Don't forget to feather your foot pedal (if you have one) to add and then reduce heat (it'll make your welds more consistant). Also, I know that the parts you were working on wouldn't have to be waterproof, but watch your overlaps, I can see where the cold spot is on the corner where the three overlap. (I personally add a little extra heat and draw my bead out until it is almost flush with the piece).. But all things said, it looks great for a beginner, just keep practicing and your welds will soon be beyond reproach.. -Keep up the good work!


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            Looking good.

            The others covered most of the stuff I was thinking about. Watch stopping at the corners, I like to try and wrap the corner a bit if possible before stopping.

            General thought on help: The more info you provide up front the better we can help and make suggestions. Material used and thickness, Steel in this case obviously, but some times its harder to tell, might be SS for all I know. Filler size and type. Amps you have the machine set at and are running so we can say if that's right. Type of tungsten used, pointed balled etc. Gas flow, backing gas etc. You don't need to write a book most times just a quick note like this:

            1/8" steel, 80-100 amps, 3/32 red tungsten, Argon 15 cfh 3/32 filler

            The more we know the better. It's tough to help when you get questions like "I don't know if I'm hot enough, can you tell from the pict?" With no more info.


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              not to bad


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                Show us the finished weld ironhead 'cause it's looking pretty good so far!