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HF-251-D-1 or dynasty 200

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    Originally posted by FusionKing View Post
    I doubt they would pay much attention to my ideas.

    But it would be an awsum product in my mind, and only limited by the machines amps. There's probably some reason why it wouldn't work tho.

    It probably wouldnt work due to money!. If they came out with such a box, they would probably sell it in the range of $1,500.00, and it would take away sales from the Dynasty which would be $1,300.00 more, but if you figure, the only people buying such a box, would be welders who already purchased a bobcat, trailblazer, etc.. big ticket items, so I think Miller should cut us a break, and come out with a Box that can do the work of the dynasty, for less money. They already made their money off of us for those big ticket items, but who knows why they dont wanna do it, thats just my uneducated guess.

    Vin-man Welding, can the dynasty come with a modular plug system that can
    switch out from a 230 plug to a 120 plug, and if not, can it be done, so that I dont have to rewire the dynasty everytime I want to go from 230 to 120? I thought I seen a miller welder that you can switch out the back plug receptacle, but I may be mistaken.
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