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  • Suggestions on welding tables

    Im trying to buy a welding platen with dogs at a good price if I can find them. I really dont want to pay more than $2,000.00 for the table and stand, but I could also go in the other direction and go for a portable welding table as well. I seen one portable work table called the strong hands, and has the rails for clamps and such. Its not big, but it could do the job for what I need it for, but I've gotten so used to the platen's with the dog clamps out at the shipyards, that I would really like one. What Im getting at is, do any of you guys have a link to some welding work tables that have the clamping setups, because I cant find them. It doesnt have to be a platen, I just really need a work table with a level machined surface. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.
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    Nevermind guys, I talked to my boss today about getting a platen table, and he flat out gave me a 5 foot by 5 foot by 2.5 inches thick with stand, and the square holes for the dogs are 1 3/4 inches. A $4,000 table for free, because it's taking up space in the shop. I was floored, and Im going to get the boss something nice, as well as give him a lifetime of free beer and wine
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      Be careful about this usmcruz, it could cost you more than $4000

      nice score on the table.


      Originally posted by usmcruz View Post
      as well as give him a lifetime of free beer and wine


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        Nice score cruz!!!!!!! On SFT that would get you a big award that I can't post on this forum. You guys that are on SFT know what I mean.


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          nice score man! i scored my TIG welder for free, $500 torch for nada, and a $200 foot pedal for $50, don't you just love good luck!

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            Good luck aint the word, Im just floored. Now I gotta figure a way to get her home. Shouldnt be too hard, the platen top is only 2000 lbs. Any suggestions?
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              Yeah, ask your boss if you can borrow the shop truck.
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                It sounds like you have an Acorn table and yes they are heavy.

                A Tow truck company should be able to lift it.

                I used my service truck to lift mine using a mechanics crane.


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                  yes it is an acorn table, and no he wont let me use the shop truck, I tried asking. I got a friend that owns a tow truck, he said he'd do it for me, so problem solved.
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                    I forgot to post this, but I still want a portable table, does anyone know where I can buy one?
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                      CyberWeld and Northern Tool both carry the StrongHand portable table, both for $139.95. Northern also has the StrongHand non-portable table (700 lbs) made with seven machined plates for a top with clamping slots between, and 5/8" holes on a two inch grid. Looks like a very nice table - should be for $2199.99. It is 36" x 48" by 30".