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Induction from coiled up leads???

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  • fjk
    Originally posted by acustomfabricatorcom View Post
    Anyone here have some factual info on this?
    Induction happens with coiled conductors and "changing" current.
    That's basic electricity. It's the same thing as what happens in
    a transformer.

    Note that I say "changing" current, not "alternating" current.
    Even when the welder is set for DC, when the current starts
    to flow (such as when you strike an arc or pull the MIG trigger)
    there is a change in the current in the conductor and the
    inductor, well, inducts... but it's transient and goes away
    quickly. The same happens when you stop -- it's a change
    in the current... Even with DC Stick, the current is varying
    slightly as you weld, which causes the inductor to induct.
    With MIG, the current is switching on/off fairly frequently,
    so that too will cause the inductor to induct.

    Whether that induction affects the welds or not, I can not say.
    I imagine that it could. But I do not know.


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  • 1428turbo
    Hello,ive got a pipepro and i can tell really tell the difference when my 100'ers are coiled up or strung out.before i built my reels i had my 100' leads coiled in a box built into the flatbed,i was welding and couldnt get my bead in at all,it was all over the place.As i walked by my rig i noticed all the metal filings clinging to the leads so i got em out,strung em out and the problem went away.....I now have my 100' on reels for long distance and 25'in the well for Right away work.

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