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Induction from coiled up leads???

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    Originally posted by Broccoli1 View Post
    i think this is Dan's from the Hobart forum- I never labeled it when I copied it

    That is the picture along with Dans thread that planted the idea.
    I have two PA-3A airco pulsed welders that mostly just sat gathering dust after the customer with 30 alum. dump trailers sold out. Now and then would try steel mig with them but they always threw way to much spatter to be usable. I probably listened to too much advice to try this gas, try this wire ect. Anyhow after several years of fooling with it now and then I hooked about 30' of #1 cable to the 50' of 1/0 ground on the machine hooked up a bottle of C-25, result, a very usable machine.


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      How much problem is there with plastic hangers? My machine is a 250 amp AC with ±60' of #2 lead and 40' work cable.