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  • TIG shock

    Hello, I am a first time poster, so I would appreciate any input. Thanks in advance!
    Anyway, my problem is, when I am TIG welding, sometimes the arc wont jump the gap when I step on the pedal to start it, then after maybe after a second or two, I will get a pretty good jolt on the hand NOT holding the torch. I really dont get why it is doing it, the filler metal isnt touching the base metal, neither is the tungsten/torch. Any input is greatly appreciated!

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    Just a stab in the dark, Good ground?
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      If you touch the tungsten to the filler, it will light you up. Try touching the work piece and lifting after you step on the pedal. Your High frequence might not be starting the arc. Also if the tungsten is dirty it can cause similar reactions.



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        The few times that I've been bit by my TIG, was because I had my bare forearms resting on the table. It must have sent a message because, even in class, anytime I tack a coupon bare handed, I'm afraid.
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          Usually I'll get bit if bare skin or a sweat soaked gloved hand is resting
          on the table or what I'm welding. It's just the Hi-freq. but still will
          make me jump.
          Also it will happen if you forget to hook up the ground clamp, you know
          take it off to move something and forget to re-attach, pretty stupid
          feeling to shock yourself for a few seconds waiting for the main arc
          to come up.....duh!
          If you are getting it through your torch hand I'd be looking at the insulation
          and connections on the torch.
          Dave P.


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            Thanks for the input guys, based on what you have said, my guess is my sleeve got pulled up and I let my arm rest on the table, the ground never gets moved so that should be fine.


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              If your work clamp never gets moved, might be an idea to remove it periodically and clean the table surface that it attaches too. Often, fellows bolt a connector onto the table. The work connector heats up and loosens off, making arc marks and subsequent resistance. Your hand then suddenly makes a nice HF path.


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                Tig shock

                I had one do that to me in my class when I was show kid who thought the wanted to take the class. i would be holding the tourch at the bottom while theirs was mainly on the handle. Whick SUCKED cause it took me all day to figure out the some of the wires in the tourch were bad, so i would check the tourch might be a problem in their.


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                  If you hold the torch near the end of the filler, in open air away from the workpiece and ground, and activate the High freq. you will get a nice little wake up shock after a few seconds. (Do me a favour, don't ask why. )I imagine that where the filler and torch are would not matter for this to happen. So I would say, like the others have allready, that it's a grouding problem. Of course, like others have mentioned, if you are making bare skin contact with the table you become a viable conductor. And this goes for all processes, not just GTAW. Once again, don't ask.

                  As mentioned before, it could be that the tungsten is frosted, or the ground lead is not making good contact. If you are working on a table and grounded to the table, it is also very possible that the weldment is not making a good electrical connection with the table.
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                    Tig torches can become impregnated with grinding particles on the outside and the HF can conduct up the outside of the torch !


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                      TIG Shock

                      RTCmiller, I think I can probably tell you why there was a few seconds delay before the shock...check your preflow control, if it is set for 2 seconds, there will be a delay in the current flow for that amount of time for the gas pre-flow. This control assures that you have gas first to shield the tungsten and the base materials. As for the shock I agree with the rest of the group that has already replyed to your question. (most likely you were touching the base metal or your welding table and the high-freq. got you...ouch) Good luck!


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                        Well thanks for the input everbody. I have moved my ground a couple of times and I am trying to keep my gloveon a little tighter. I havent gotten shocked since, so it must be working! Thanks again for the input!