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Miller 304 cc/cv wiring

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  • Miller 304 cc/cv wiring

    Just picked up a used 304 with receptacle plug removed. It has 4 wires, 3 plus the ground. Question: How do I wire this to a regular 230 welding plug or what adapters do I need? Thanks in advance. :
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    If your wiring an XMT 304 to single phase 220, Green goes to ground, Blk and white go to the power wires and dont use the red, you only use the red if your hooking it up to 3 phase power.

    I'm going off memory so wait to wire it untill some one else confirms what I said, However I am 98% sure that I'm correct but still wait untill some one else confirms this.

    I have one they are great machines.


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      FIRST make sure that the input spec tag indicates that it is a machine capable of 1 OR 3 phase and not only 3 phase. I had one of these and they are great supplies. JEFF
      The complete operators manual (hook-ups) is available from Millerwelds.
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        You sure it's a 1 phase machine?

        Based on the cord you described, it's quite likely been used as a 3 phase machine. Some of the older 304's, if I remember correctly, were 3 phase only. With luck, your's is capable of both 1 & 3 phase.

        Download the owners manual. It will tell you what wires to use.

        Generally, with that setup, you have a black, white, red, and green wire. If the machine is capable of 1 phase operation, you would generally use the black and white wires for your hot leads, green to ground, and the red taped off.
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          Just checked the tag on back of machine it's 230/460? I guess capable of either use according to the info on the site. So then I guess it's ok to just wire it up to a general welding plug which I have a receptacle for in my garage the way you fella's described? Thanks for the quick reply on this, I guess you can tell I'm a newby here.
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          Miller S22-P-12 suitcase Mig
          Miller XMT 304 CC/CV
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            miller xmt 304

            i have a miller xmt 304 which is single phase or 3 phase i live in england and it is wired on a industrial red plug which is 4 pins the pins indicate live 1(black) live 2(blue) live 3(brown) and common earth(green) im told that i drop the brown but am confused as i dont have a negative could anyone simpify this for me as i am desperate to see it working


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              Buddahb , from the information you have given, you have a model 903-471 XMT, stock number is on same plate as serial number in back, and Portable Welder told you exactly right. Tape up the red wire for use when you are at a site offering three phase.
              jmichalunio, I never saw any XMT with European wire coloring, but several Powcons did and what you say sounds correct. If you want to be absolutely safe, pop the cover and whatever wires go to the top and middle terminal on power switch, S1, are what would be the black and white respectively here and are the correct wires to connect 230 vac. The green (green and yellow, I think) should go to a ground stud on the aluminum chassis about two inches below S1 and is your ground wire. Whatever wire goes to the bottom terminal on S1, here it would be the red wire, is the one that you ignore for single phase - tape it up. Assuming you have a CC/CV model, I would be curious to see if it is a 903-471. weldersales


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                why does the power cord use NEC standard single phase colors for a 3phase cord? If it's a 3 or one phase machine shouldn't the cord be black/red/blue/green and use black/red/green for 1 phase and tape off the blue?
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