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Help! No current control on syncowave 300

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  • Help! No current control on syncowave 300

    I bought a syncrowave 300 with a sp2 controller its about a 1986 vintage. I am having trouble with the current control on the main panel. I don't have any current control only minimum output. I have control on the current start on the main panel, but only goes for about 1 second. I have current control on the sp1 initial current control. I sent the pc1 in and had it worked on and still have the same problem, no current adjustment on the main pot. It test OK for resistance, but there is no voltage at the pot. I am wondering if it could be the halls device. I have -15 volts at pin 86 and +15 volts at pin 81. I have no voltage at pin 42 or 87 which go to the pc1 board. I also have no voltage at pins 78 and 79 which go to the amp meter. The amp meter on the main panel also does not work. Could it be the 741 on the Assembly 004 577 at the halls device? I noticed that one of the wires coming off the coil on the halls windings was disconnected, could this cause a current problem that I am haviing? Everything else seems to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Don.

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    You need to get your hands on the technicians manual. It has the various voltage test points you need to check. If you don't have the right input to the pc board, it won't operate correctly. I'm not familiar with your machine, but on my Syncro 250, the current adjustment pot gets 10 v dc from the pc and varies it 0-10 vdc to control current. The pc1 gets two separate 18v ac inputs and rectifies them to get the various voltages required to operate the circuits on the board and rest of the machine. So even if Pc1 is fine, without proper power input and controls it won't operate.


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      You kinda grasping at straws without a circuit technical diagram, PM me


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        Thanks, for the replies. I have to agree that a service manual would be of great help, but I don't know where to find one. The input voltage of 10v and 15v are at the inputs of the pc1, so I am pretty sure thats not the problem. To matters worse I just broke the halls devive. Thanks, for the input. Thanks, Don.