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need help connecting tic torch to engine driven welder

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  • need help connecting tic torch to engine driven welder

    hey guys hoping someone can instruct me on how to connect my tig torch to my trailblazer 350pro desiel. what attachments do i need other than the torch to get her running.
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    Scratch start DC connect the valved tig torch to the welder and weld away. Also need a bottle o' argon and regulator. HF alum you need a bunch more!


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      According to your manual you should have "lift-arc" start and stop for tig welding, so it won't technically be scratch start.


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        TIG Torch/Trailblazer 350

        bigjibz: What kind of torch do you have? If it's a 1 piece you'll need a TIG power adapter. If it's a 2 piece, you can rig up a connecting lug (or a male TWECO) and a hose to the argon bottle. Keep in mind, you're running "direct" without a solenoid valve, so you'll need a torch w/valve. There's a couple of different kinds of power adapters, one is brass that goes on the lug with threaded ends for the torch and gas hose (about $5), #105Z57, another (for about $20), # PCA-2, has a brass fitting with a stud/nut and rubber insulator sleeve. I have one of those, and rigged up a "TWECO" end to go into the female terminal on the CC stud. Also, you should be able to run a remote on your Trailblazer connected to the 14 pin connector. This is for DC TIG only. If you want AC TIG you'll need an HF-251 unit, like Walker suggested.

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          Thanks Dave, I have a weldcraft torch with the hand control,I also have the regulator and hose. The torch hose has a 5/16 male fitting thats connected to a copper wire that runs inside the hose. The 14 pin connector connects to the welder but where does the male fitting connect to? thanks


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            Weldcraft Torch

            bigjibz: Okay, sounds like a WP-17 (150 amp) air cooled torch. Is the "hand control" for the remote? (goes to the 14 pin connector) or is the "hand control" a "twist valve" in the torch handle?

            1.) If the torch head does not have a valve, you need a different torch head (handle) with a valve,or you're going to have to be really quick turning off and on the argon bottle. What keeps the gas from flowing, normally, through a 1-piece torch, is the gas is routed to and through a gas solenoid in the machine (or HF unit).

            2.) The 5/16" threaded end would either go to a "flow through Dinse" male connector (like for a Syncrowave 200), or to a power adapter block which is then attached to the power source.

            3.) Having said that, do you have any "female" connectors on the engine drive, or still using the threaded lugs? The reason I ask, is there are a couple of different types of adapters on the market, and to make things as streamlined as possible (the way I like to do things), will determine which type you need.

            4.) Regardless, if there's not a valve in the torch, just because you shut the power off, doesn't mean the gas will stop, it's going to keep flowing until either the bottle is empty, or someone reaches over and shuts the bottle valve off. If you're close to the bottle, you could probably do it, but most torches are 12 to 25 feet long, so it's unlikely you would be.

            Keep writing back, so all of us can get you fixed up.

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              Yes Dave I have the wp17 and the hand control does go to the 14 pin connector. Now on my engine have i have lugs for stinger and ground but for the wire i still use the threaded nut. See i'm trying to hook up my tig torch the same way that I connect my spoolmatic gun to the machine via the 14 pin connector and gas but i don't know where the 5/16 male fitting on the torch cable goes, just feels like im missing something.
              thanks again for your advice cause I do feel i'm making progress


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                "Missing Something?"

                bigjibz: Yes you're still missing a few things. Okay; the 5/16" threaded fitting on our torch cable would NORMALLY screw into a FLOW-THRU Dinse male connector. (just to simplify things, I'll leave it like that). In order for you to use a 1-PIECE torch (which is what you have), you need an adapter. I explained the various types in previous posts, BUT, your biggest problem IS, you need a torch handle with a GAS VALVE. I'm not screaming, just emphasizing.

                Don't connect this to the CV post (if you ever get it going) TIG works off of CC.

                One more time, here's what you need:

                1.) TIG torch with VALVE (either 1 or two-piece)

                2.) Power block adapter or TIG torch adapter (if you use a 1-piece torch).

                I think your best bet is, to purchase a 2-piece torch with valve, attach the power cable to a male connetor, then to the CC terminal, attach the gas hose to a bottle of Argon, plug in your remote, and weld away (down wind).

                As it is, your torch is set up for a machine with a gas solenoid. This controls the flow of gas while welding. (or not welding).

                Is this starting to make any sense?

                A 1 piece torch has gas & power supplied to the tungsten through the cable.

                A 2-piece torch has power cable & a gas hose seperate from one another, but the end result is the same (inert gas + electric current).

                A 3-piece torch, oh never mind, this would really confuse things. (for water cooled torches).

                Let me know IF you don't understand this.

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                  Thanks Dave that was very clear,now i just gotta special order these parts cause here in Bermuda the supply shop only carries lincoln crap lol thanks a million


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                    "Bermuda Triangle?"

                    bigjibz: or are two excellent internet sales sites that has everything you need. Shipping is free from Cyberweld (over $25) and with Ram ($5 surcharge under $50, $2 over $50) Best of luck, keep us posted as to your progress.

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