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Anyone have plans or drawings for a roll bender

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  • Anyone have plans or drawings for a roll bender

    Id like to build a three roll bender fro two reasons. One, maybe it will be cheaper than buying it and two, for the fun!! Ive looked around and seen a few but I saw one in welding projects here in this site but it had no drawings. Im just curious to the size of material used to build one. I came across a very nice one with plans at: There is a link to some pretty good drawings but Im trying to keep my options open. I would like to bend at the most 1 1/2" 6063 aluminum sch 40 pipe and 1 1/2" .065 316 stainless tubing. The radius of the bends wont be tight but having the option to do so would be great. Well if anyone has some free plans that fit the criteria I would appreciate the help. Here is an example of the type of bender Im looking for: Thanks in advance for your help!
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    That picture is an arch roller, not a tube bender. If you want to build one there are plenty of plans around. The blind chicken racing one seems to be the easiest to build and cost effective. The biggest hurdle though is that dies are EXPENSIVE! So, find the cheapest dies you can then build that kind of bender. I put plans for the the hydraulics for a Hossfeld on the SFT site, and the Hossfeld 29 page plans are easily googelable too. FWIW it is far cheaper to buy your tubing and just have the bends put in it by a shop that bends tubing.