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Diversion 165.......Shocking Experience

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  • Diversion 165.......Shocking Experience

    It doesn't say in the manual, but when I shut off the pwer switch to my new Division 165, the fan kicks on and runs for about 3-5 seconds, even with the switch off.

    Yesterday I was welding aluminum, ground clamp on the material.....material on a set of plastic saw horses.

    I turned the power off and within a second, grabbed the tungsten to resharpen and got myself a nice jolt. Even with the power switch off! Seems the machine is still "hot" even a second or two after the switch is turned off?

    If John from Miller is on here....Please advise?
    Dartmouth, MA

    Millermatic 185 MIG
    Miller Diversion 165
    Purox W200 O/A
    Grizzly 9957 Mill
    Grizzly 4030 Metal Band Saw
    Grizzly 1050 Knife Belt Sander
    Jet 1236 Metal Lathe
    TP Blast Cabinet

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    Mine does the same thing with the fan. When I first turn it on, and again when I turn it off, even though the fan has not been running for a couple minutes.

    I don't know about getting shocked by the tungsten. Have not had that happen yet. Fan has always been off when I touched the tungsten (gloves on) and no shock.



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      Unplug the unit!

      I am guessing the same thing that happened to me with a portlable electric tool, not my welder.

      I got a tingling from the drill (turned off while I changed the bit).

      It went away when I unplugged the unit.

      Perhaps your ground (green wire) was not really at ground?

      Another cause may be capacitors. Back when I was a kid in grade school, I ran my own TV repair shop. I remember getting shocks if I forgot to discharge the capacitors.

      Just for grins, unplug the unit and then touch the torch electrode tip to the work piece and hold it there for about 5 to 10 seconds. You should be okay at that point.



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        Capacitors....any inverter..... mig, tig even my Maxstar will do it. Drain the capacitor as above unless ya need to wake up quick :-)