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    I Would Like To Buy A Welding Helmet For My Husband But Am Clueless On What He Needs. He Is A "boilermaker" And Probably Welds Daily (does Mig & Arc, But Very Little To No Tig). He Is A Hunter And I Have Found A Miller Pro Hobby Camo Helmet That He Would Love (design Wise), But I Do Not Know If It Is Good Enough For What He Needs. Any Suggestions Would Be Very Appreciated -- I Would Like To Order One For Christmas.

    He has mentioned he would like an auto-darkening helmet, but hasn't said much else.

    Thanks Guys - I Need All The Help I Can Get In Order To Surprise Him.
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    Helmets are very much a user preference item. Perhaps you could find some way of getting him to tell you what he likes without being too obvious about it. You have a bit of a hard task ahead of you. My two favourite hoods are the Miller Digital Elite because its top of the line, has a lot of user input options and handles the finer work very well, and The Hornell Speedglas because its about as indestructible as auto-darkening hoods get.

    Maybe the best thing is to buy from a good welding shop that will be fine with you / him bringing it back and returning it in exchange for a different one. Then you still have something to put under the tree but he can go pick what he really likes after Christmas


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      What the guy above said. Pick it up at the store and ask them if they would do an exchange in case he prefers a different one. However I have a Miller and love it, a guy I work with has the camo one and likes it.


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        Miller Helmets

        Jenny: The Digital Elite would definitely surprise him! They have a camouflage #227 188. Does he have to wear a hard hat with his welding hood? I'll have to check on the set up for that series.

        That is very thoughtful of you. Have a safe and Happy Holiday Season

        "Bonne journe'e mes amis"


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          I have had a few different auto darkening helmets, but my newest one is my favorite...a Miller digital elite. Since your husband makes his living welding I would not hesitate to recommend this helmet. Hey and if you get it for him and he loves it why not write something sweet inside if it with a sharpie.
          Good luck,
          Thanks Becky

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            Not Hobby...

            If your husband welds daily then it is worth investing in a proffesional grade helmet... the biggest difference may be in the quality of the headgear.. it's ability to stand up to day to day workload... Headgear is the band that goes around his head and allows the helmet to pivot down when he shakes his head....
            I have owned many welding hats over the last 30plus years but am most pleased with the Miller Big Window Elite that I bought a few years back... am pretty sure that their latest offerings are of like quality or better..

            hobby grade stuff maybe fine for occasional use but for daily stuff pls buy the best.. he will thank you...
            hope this helps


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