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how to weld cast engine block

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  • how to weld cast engine block

    what is the best rods and way to weld a crack in water jacket on a cast block of old tractor?

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    Repairing a crack in motor block

    It would be best if you checked out using the pinning tech. to repair that motor block. Repairing a cast iron motor block is a big gamble with usually bad results. Not saying that it can't be done but after seeing what problems that can come from trying everything and every method, I finally went to the pinning tech. with really good results but if you still plan on welding that block, make sure you get good quility rods and say lots of prayers. The pinning tech. allows you to repair the motor without tearing the motor entirely down or even heating the cast at all. Check with some machine shops that specializes in motor repair and maybe they can help you.


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      cracked block

      you will probably not be successful welding it and in fact will probably make things worse. google "LOCK AND STITCH" this method of block repair has proven to be very successful


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        If it was tore down already or was totally going thru it anyways, myself, I would weld it anyways.
        Simply using pre/post heat and peening with nickle rod. Slow and careful and don't let cool once started. Sort of an art.
        I've ran across some pretty shoddy stitch type repairs.
        I've had people try to get me to go for all kinds of sealers also all the way from water glass to silicone.
        I'm a welder and I weld my stuff and the folks stuff that comes to me.
        If it's a machine that time is money and it needs to keep working and all I understand ...esp. if you can do it without pulling the engine.
        I've welded boat motors hanging upside down in the bilge succesfully.
        I got volunteered for that.
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          If it was mine i would weld it with Crown Alloys 255

          That is the perfect rod for engine blocks...Bob
          Bob Wright