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    The saw will be used for business as well as hobby. I drive truck day to day but am now in a seasonal layoff. I have to look for work every day though the winter so the welders are going to get a workout on the off days. We had a rough winter last year with 15 feet of snow on some of the local roads. That made for a lot of days when the truck sat in the driveway. One of the first projects will be one of those "cow catchers" to protect the grill and headlites. Im going to build one for the tractor and another for my pickup. Im hoping to sell a few for those that cant afford the high $ highly polished aluminum bumpers or custom for those they dont make any for like mine. I figure Ill make some air tailgates and a few trailers too.

    So then I need a good reliable saw but not the absolute best as it wont be used all day every day.

    No one has mentioned Dewalt. I can get a new deep cut variable speed for around $275 locally. Is the Dewalt a "stay away from" brand? How about Craftsman?
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      Pick up a used Milwaukee off eBay. Rock solid, easily repaired and, at least here in this small burg, readily available parts. Close to new looking shouldn't run you over $100.
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        I googled 'portable bandsaw review'.
        The review I found highly recommended this one -

        So I bought it.
        Haven't cut anything yet but it sure is purdy !