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Upgraded TIG Water Hoses?

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  • Upgraded TIG Water Hoses?

    I remember reading quite a few posts somewhere regarding upgraded hoses for a water cooled torch. I've found myself blowing up the return line quite regularly and I'd like to keep it from happening again. The casualty list went something like this:

    #1) Forgot to turn on water cooler ---> burst return line
    #2) After trying to tidy up hoses, I caused a kink in the return line ---> burst again
    #3) Accidentally laid the torch lines on a hot piece of work (melted my nylon cover, too!) and I have a hole in one of the lines.

    I'm planning on replacing my nylon torch cover with a leather one, but I was curious about upgrading the lines. Is there anything "better" out there? Torch is a Weld-Tec WP20 connected to a Dynasty 200dx.

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    SuperFlex Hose/Cable

    I'm a real rookie at TIGing. I started with a 17 series Weldcraft torch with the standard hose/cable.
    When I built my water cooler & acquired a watercooled torch, I went with the SuperFlex hose assembly from CK. It is fantastic! (Also pricey) It is very soft rubber that seems quite tough with a braided nylon sheath. I placed a leather cover over it for protection. I like it a lot.
    Here is a link (I couldn't locate it on the CK website). It's about halfway down the page.

    Good luck in your quest.

    Jerry in Anchorage


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      I use weldtec and weldcraft rubber hoses, makes the vinly look like the crap that it is. Much more durable (leathercover is a must if you drag them over hot work) and flexible.
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        Appreciate the responses! The rubber hoses sound like exactly what I'm after.


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          If you're interested I have a very nice CK series 20 Superflex I will sell.I just upgraded to a CK swivel head super flex. PM me if interested. Bill


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            Sent you a PM Bill....


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              I have the superflex hose and leather cover on my Dynasty 200DX and really like it. I would definately go that route again. The watercooled head is a must in my opinion.
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                I'm glad to hear good things about these Superflex hoses. I was having a tough time finding an upgraded rubber hose set for my Weldtec WP-20 and a single vinyl return line (with the power cable) was close to $50.

                I've never really understood the interchangability between all the different torch brands. Are most the parts for a 20 series torch interchangeable between brands? I'm not aware of anyone local that carries CK so I was concerned about having a torch I can't get parts for locally.