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  • Drag Tip MM Plasma 375


    I'm a newbie to plasma cutting. I have a new MM 375. I don't want to damage the tip but the rig didn't come with a drag tip. Is it really necessary? Also how important is a dry air filter? If very important where do I purchase a good one at a reasonable price? Thanks, Chuck

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    There is a drag tip available, but not really necessary. The part numbers for the parts are in the back of the owners manual if you wanted to order them. Keep in mind it requires a different tip, retaining cup, and a drag shield. With plasma applications under 40 amps, it is ok to drag the normal consumables with having the drag shield. It will reduce the life of the consumables a little, but it will not damage the machine.

    The air is the most important thing when it comes to plasma. Any moisture in the air will reduce the life span of the consumables, it will affect the quality of the cut, and over time it can damage the torch head. As far as what kind of filter, anything that will give you dry air should be fine. Miller has an RTI filter that removes moisture and filters particles down to .85 microns. The part number is 300491 and can be purchased through your local distibutor. Whichever filter you choose, I recommend putting it as close to the plasma cutter as possible in terms of air lines. This gives the warm compressor air a chance to condensate before it gets to the filter.

    As with anything else, if you have any questions, feel free to call us at Miller.
    (920) 735-4505
    Ric Armstrong
    Service Technician
    Miller Electric Mfg. Co.