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iteresting way to lay an arc bead

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  • iteresting way to lay an arc bead

    I recently found an article that said if only burning a few rd just clamp the electrode in your tig torch.
    This is an automotive discussion forum that has some great infromation

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    I Saw The Same Article

    I think it was on "Tips & Tricks." I've yet to try it, maybe one of these days if I get real brave, and remember, and have nothing else better to do, and have the money to buy a new torch, and am so bored..........well, you get the picture....who know though, it may be just the right ticket in the right situation
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      And run the gas for a dual shield stick welder?


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        Capt: You may just be onto something, dual-shield stick welding!
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          Just make sure you use a gas lens with all of that "stickout"...


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            Ive had to do it way up in the rafters been tigging all night and just needed a bit to be done with stick. (three 1/8) rods had to be burnt so I took my tungsten out and had a guy switch my polarity for me, and away I went. Not the best for the torch I am sure, didnt arc out in the lens anywhere. That torch still gives me xray quality welds today. The first two rods I still turned the gas on by habit. lol


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              Quite honestly, there is no reason that this setup should not work. a stinger is just a way to grip an electrode and transfer current. I have an older tig torch that I really don't care if anything happens to it, so I will try this for chits and giggles, but I really don't see how it will damage the torch in any way. the only thing that I could see, is that the handle on a tig torch is quite a bit narrower than a stinger, so control might be an issue. other than that, no reason for it not to work.


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                stickin with tig torch

                It works.

                The first time I did this, I needed to weld a floor grate back on. The corner was bent upward and it was a safety trip hazard that had to be fixed quick. The Stick machine was gone and I looked over at this little 115v inverter 90 amp tig welder. I Got the 2 inch weld done in about 5 minutes total... with a 3/32" 7018 at about 85 amps. Probably just barely within the duty cycle of the wimpy little maxtar 90. But the key words are "got it done"

                It would have taken about an hour to unroll a bunch of 460 volt cord and 100 feet of lead.
                Jody Collier


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                  I"ll admit, when i first read it on Jody's site i was curious and ran to the dynasty to give it a try. I chucked a 1/8th 6011 rod in the collet and let her rip. IT layed just as good a bead as i can with a stinger, but i must admit I'm not the best stiack welding guy because i hardley ever use the process.
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                    I could see a high tech stinger coming from this type of usage...a lightweight watercooled one and the lighter leads as well.
                    I could see also using a tig torch this way for long might damage the collet threads? I does seem more like a harsher process. But the flex head would be a real nice thing as well

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                      I've done this also, and it works fine.

                      Something else you can do...

                      A tig torch hose is often lighter and more flexible than stick lead. You can take a tig lead (single hose type), cut it on the ends, and use it for your "stinger" for stick welding.