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books on pressure vessel fabrication?

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  • books on pressure vessel fabrication?

    Can anyone recommend any BOOKS, TEXTBOOKS OR LITERATURE AVAILABLE TO PURCASE, BORROW, OR STUDY ONLINE that give instructive proceedures that address the fallowing Fabrication based areas specific to the design of anything pertaining to PRESSURE VESSELS, BOILER MAKING, OR PIPE FITTING?

    Although I have become familiarized with many aspects of production welding, I am eligable to fill a promotional position with my company in central Wyoming from code welding to the "fitting" (layout and fabrication) of very large scale pressure vessels that are used in the oil and gas industry all over North America. These can range from huge 17 ft. I.D. Amine Absourbers estimating months worth of manhours in just the weld-out time, to smaller 15 inch I.D. condensing units that stretch only 12 ft in length.

    But the layout, fit-up, and highly exacting tolerances of nozzles, supports, ect. finalized by multi-faceted techniques to double check the fit is all a eventual product of apprentice-based methods that are developed by the pace of my aptitude for print comprehension coupled with senior fitters' instruction that leaves some propensity for error on my part!
    My goal is to study any guide or instruction i can obtain for my personal enrichment and skill through practical methods, principles of technique in fit and self-checking any design regardless of any component variation relating to these cans.
    To cite a arbitrary example of the critical allowances that pertains to any nozzle fit to a incomplete vessel, my company provides approval of specs measuring a tolerance of no error greater than 5/10ths of a degree in any direction shown on the print.
    I am looking for anything that offers basic overview and practical methods, to very advanced projects instructing through examples of sophistocated designs in vessels on any scale. I am open to any offer or suggestion.
    Personal offers available to a purchase or donation in the area of study i specified here is welcome by dropping me an email at
    Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on my ambition to study my trade away from work to perform better at work. TwistoftheWrist

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    Here are a few of the countless sources for information on the web. I would suggest that the first and most important books you buy are the current ASME Pressure vessel code books.
    As they are what everything else is based on.
    Be sure to be sitting down when you see the prices. I believe the complete code books for BPVC is around $12,000.

    The good news is you don't need them all. You will have to find out, from work what sections or designators from the ASME the company works from. Also see if you can use the companies copies on the week end, Or talk to the suits in the engineering office if they have any books you can borrow or use.

    Also check out the rest of the ASME site as they have a forum and other resources that will prove more helpful to you. Good luck.

    Check here for used books on line first! real world prices for older books.

    AMSE book store site

    Google search return

    Google is your friend, online books for viewing. a catalog of books in libraries near you. That is if they have joined. Most state libraries are in it and local Uni's More older complete books on line.
    another online library for older books.
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      You don't list were you are located so if you are in or near a city or town with used bookstores, either college, uni, or just the corner book store that buys form estates sales etc. Check them out they may have a treasure trove.

      When buying books on subjects that are governed codes or standards. Remember to get the closest copyright date to the current year. As the codes are generally updated every 2 to 3 year cycles. With addendum's in between revisions.
      that is unless you are interested in historical building of Pressure Vessels.

      Also don't be afraid to check into borrowing books from the college library as most have arrangements with the local library systems.
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        Books and Boilers

        Might want to look on Lincoln's web site under education, training, etc. They've got some books on structural fab (AWS D1.1) maybe that'll help you. Check out their home page link on a short video about AWSD1.8 and FEMA 353 guide. Good stuff to know when going for LA City test. Good Luck, keep us posted!
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          Pressure Vessel Books

          Check the Library of Congress website. If you have a library card, you can get any book in print from the Library of Congress via inter-library loan. It is a free service, and they pay for the delivery to the local library even. All you do is use your library card to reserve online. They send you an email when the books come in, and you pick them up at the reference desk on hold.

          I did it several times for a laser welding project. I wound up getting a 500pg book from the Air Force Research Library. It was from Russia and was translated into English. I heard the Russian welding engineers were superior to the rest of the world, and after reading their text, I am convinced it is true! I suppose they are backward in other areas like computers though.


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            Do you have a background in mechanical engineering?

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              IPT's Metal Trades and Welding Handbook is a very handy book to have it covers alot of areas, especially anything to do with boilermaking and welding.

              there website is


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                Originally posted by beaudoin66 View Post
                IPT's Metal Trades and Welding Handbook is a very handy book to have it covers alot of areas, especially anything to do with boilermaking and welding.

                there website is
                I agree it's a very good reference book!
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                  Originally posted by c wagner View Post
                  I agree it's a very good reference book!
                  x2 picked up when I was doing my first year of school. Has info on everything.