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Preventing theft of welding equipment

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    Guess I know what I'm doing tomorow....

    These are all great ideas that ought to extend farther than your welding stuff. I have a Suitcase Extreme 12VS that I showered with spatter and sparks on purpose to make it look older and less desirable. The only thing I can add is to take pictures of all your stuff. I have a cage around my Trailblazer 302 and I guarantee it is one of a kind. It can also help you to remember what was in that box under the front seat and when the guy from the insurance company wants proof you had it and you can't find the reciept it at least gives you a chance. If you take digital pictures they can be distributed to local pawn shops etc. right away and I think they can be loaded into NCIC too. As for a lack of interest on the part of the police, I know that if you give them enough to possibly lock somebody up they usually are interested, but when all you can do is tell them the model number then they loose interest pretty quickly. How long do you spend chasing a customer you dont think will ever call you? Even if you dont have much info call the police anyway, you never know what might happen. So tomorow I will be taking pictures and recording serial numbers again because I misplaced the CD with my stuff on it. Thanks for the great post and the reminder.
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      As proud as we all are of our "toys" the less the thieves (for that matter the general public) sees or can see, the better.

      wile thats a good idea for some, its not a fit all. some have to have a truck with tools showing and looking nice to give the right impression to customers. the best fit would be to have an after work way of covering them and taking them out of public view. its kinda a catch 22 thing, show for the customer but hide from the bad guys.
      the best solution is have a very visible security system to help persuade the thieves to move onto easier to steel or sell options and leave your stuff behind.

      Sheriff (Joe Arpaio, "America's Toughest Sheriff") does the same thing at the County Jails
      i think he has the right idea. no reason why prisoners should have it better than many on the outside trying to get by. i used to live in tucson, so i know all about his tent city. as for the undies, he is also selling them to help fund the jail. great idea IMO how he runs the place, they should all be like his jail and less like the hilton. too much good $$ spent on bad people.
      thanks for the help
      hope i helped
      feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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        To: Fun4Now

        Yeah, I know, I wasn't inferring that we can "hide" all of our equipment. Pipeliner guys have to have their proud Classic 300's on display on their trucks, it's part of their great vocation. When one is on a big job (like when we did the Cardinal's Football Stadium here in Glendale), there's 1000's of people wandering around, and sometimes the owner and subsequent user, might be several hundred feet away, or 10 stories up. I guess I was referring to where we may have to park our equipment when we get home. You know, locked behind an RV gate, the garage door, or shop door shut, things like that. All of us have spent a small fortune on our equipment, and figuring a Classic 300 goes for around $15,000, but weighs about a ton, an LN-25 or an Extreme 8 or 12VS can walk away. Unfortunately, tools have always been a hot item when it comes to the underworld, and all we can do, is all we can do. We are all in the same preverbial boat when it comes to theft prevention
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