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  • RFCS-6 Foot Control

    Miller Maxstar 150 was recently stolen. Took everything but, foot control(RFCS-6) and torch. I replaced it with a Maxstar 200 with RFCS-14 foot control. If you can use a RFCS-6 with a 13' lead please send me a PM.
    No resonable offer refused !! I'll never use this and hopefully somone can before I lose it, break it or throw it out.
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    Somewhere, a tool thief needs one of those.

    Man it burns me up to hear about people losing their tools to theft. And anybody that would buy stolen welders is part of the problem. I think the Arabs have the right idea... chop their hand off when you catch them.

    A quarter century ago, my grade school teacher was telling me about how she went to Saudi Arabia in the 1950's and the hotel desk told them to leave their luggage on the sidewalk in front on the hotel and the bellhops would eventually get it. They thought it would surely be stolen, but the desk assured them that theft is unheard of because justice is swift and the penalty stiff.

    And the stigma is so great from missing a hand that theives have to be moved to a different town and given a government job somewhere in the mail room or what not... out of sight of the public. I think repeat offenders are unheard of, but I was told that the punishment for repeat offense was beheading.

    Now that's one way to address the epidemic of tool theft that even a meth head can understand!

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      Yuh know, even Jesus said that was a good idea for a thief to do that to himself!!
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