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converting a bottle to filled with a different gas

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  • converting a bottle to filled with a different gas

    I have a 250 or 280 cu/ft helium bottle with about 900 pounds left in it.
    It will need a hydro that I know.
    Can The valve be changed to a Co2 valve and the bottle filled with Co2 instead of helium? Is the helium valve the same as a Co2 valve?
    This will be used for Co2 charging for a bier homebrewing system.
    If not can it be used as a Argon or C-25 bottle after a valve change if needed for each different gas?
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    You "could" change over in the direction you are talk if you can find someone to change the valve for you but I would not do it. The tanks you are talking about are all tested to a higher pressure then co2 and are worth more $ and cost more $. Depending on how big the beer charging system is you might be able to get away with a fairly small CO2 bottle which would not cost much. A single keg can run off a 10# bottle just fine. I would try finding a used co2 cylinder.

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      I agree. CO2 bottles are relatively cheap and easy to find compared to the high pressure gasses. Also, questions like this are easier to answer if your location is posted in your profile. Gas industries vary in different parts of the country. Here, it is very easy to swap owned cylinders for different types; at least it is between types like argon and oxygen, which are both high pressure but use different valves.