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    How is the spoolmatic 30A with a MM251 in terms of aluminum welds. Will the welds be comparable to s push-pull setup? The 30A looks cumbersome with the straight handle. Anyone care to share some experience welding with it.
    Thanks in advance

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    I've only used a 30A on a MM251 for a very brief time, but I can say that it did work pretty well. It's not a push pull system by any means but a lot of stuff gets built with this type of a setup.
    As for the 30A itself I've used one of those A LOT!!! They take a bit of getting used to when your accustom to the conventional mig gun, as you mentioned the grip is different, but the big difference is the weight. Once you burn a couple of spools it will become second nature and you will switch back and forth with no problems.
    I recently had an opportunity to try a 350P with the Aluma-Pro gun, and that gun is MUCH bulkier and heavier than a conventional mig gun. It can get into some places that a spoolgun can't but sometimes amazingly enough the straight nuzzled spoolgun gets into some places easier than the Aluma-Pro.
    All in all I'd say keep an eye on Ebay for a 30A, I picked one up that had been purchased but had never been used for almost half price.
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      In late 2002 I purchased a MM251 w/30A, dual bottle cart, two regulators for $2,506 out the door with taxes here in the San Francisco bay area. The local Miller shop wanted $3,463 before taxes. Two miles vs 28 miles with a great savings you know where I went. Drove the 28 miles and got the promised low price on a Speedglas 9000i that following saturday with more cash in hand. Clean and quick sale I bet 20 minutes maximum with the welder loaded into my truck.
      I have never used the 30A it's still in the box and no way would I sell it for half price. You must of got lucky congrats. Right after this my back went out forced me out of the construction trade as a union electrician. I can't even sit and use the 91 350 Synchrowave fully loaded with wet torch. Future surgery will give me my life back. My home hobby toys i'll never sell.


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        As previously said, the weight and balance of a 30A is somewhat affected by its spool of wire behind the gun. The other matter might be ease of access to confined spaces where the spool gets in the way. However, the wirefeeding characteristics of the 30A are much the same as a push-pull setup. The 30A is actually the pull portion of a Miller push-pull setup anyway.

        Besides the weight/balance issue, IMO the only reasons to switch from a 30A to push-pull are to reduce or eliminate the need to change spools and to economize by buying large reels instead of more expensive small spools.
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          I find myself losening the locking nut and flipping the wire spool over 90 degrees in either direction,helps getten the job done sometimes.


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            Have used our spoolgun on our old 200 amp machine for a few years now & mostly aluminum. Has worked out well for us & weld quality seems fine. I wouldn't hesitate that move providing you have a bit of work lined up for it & can grt one reasonably priced.
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