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  • plasmacam

    Anyone have a plasmacam? I am considering getting one and I wanted to knowhow you like i and how much you payed for it
    This is an automotive discussion forum that has some great infromation

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    Andy had one (or similar unit) in his shop a couple of years ago and it seemed like a nice set up. I have never spent any time on one myself. LRAmberson was looking at one last year. May he will chime in.


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      Originally posted by metalmeltr View Post
      Anyone have a plasmacam? I am considering getting one and I wanted to knowhow you like i and how much you payed for it
      This forum has more info on the different plasma tables

      I have a 5' x 10' Dynatorch Table


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        Got the the info on the plasmacam today, dam# that thing is more expensive than I thought it wold be! It is 10k plus a dedicated computor plus a plasma cutter, and then the art discs are 500 a pieceand there are 6 of them. GOING TO BE A LOT LONGER BEFORE I GET THAN I THOUGHT!
        This is an automotive discussion forum that has some great infromation


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          Have had one for a little over a year.. unfortunately have not been able to do too much with it yet....(my dad has been pretty ill and I have been looking out for him) the latest model has arc voltage dependant torch height control.. which is a great benefit in thin stuff that will "heat walk/warp on the table"...... would not reccomend the art disks as they do have some neat stuff but will be the same stuff all the other guys have... you want unique products... so I would reccomend something like corel draw... that has a zillion bits of clipart... plus many high quality art disks on ebay... my understanding is that many many plasma cutters will work.. so you might consider starting out with a smaller cheaper cutter.. and working your way up to what you really want.. also look to small jobshops and machine shops in your area... that machine is great for blanking parts that they can then rough and finish machine... expect to spend about 13k for a running outfit..
          hope this helps

          FYI on art disks do a quick google or yahoo search on "Plasma Cut Art" and you will see lots and lots of people producing the same stuff... try to use your imagination and creativity... to carve out your niche....

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            Sent you a PM.
            Had mine for 6 years...


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              Had one about 4 years now...


              I have had one in my High School Shop for about 4 years now. We use it pretty hard at times, and the kids have done some pretty nice things. Its pretty dependable, I have had to clean and do some maintainence on it, but mostly it gets used hard and not much maintainence.

              I bought the frontier disk with it and while I like the stuff on it, and the kids use it once in a while I would not reccomend it. The price is pretty high, and its very detailed nice drawings that have to be cut pretty big or they dont turn out. We find ourselves using parts of thier images.

              Dont skimp on the computer, I bought a $400 HP and it has given me fits. (not to mention its used all the time by students). I had a nicer Dell that I used with it before and it worked pretty nicely. (the district took it, it wasnt mine

              I also use a Hypertherm 600 with mine and it does well. I did try to do a 1/4" sign and that was a little difficult. 10 to 16ga works well for signs etc. I have not had good luck cutting accurate parts like plasmacam says you can. But pieces for FAB projects are very nice to cut out with it!

              I have bought quite a few art disks from a company called Red Pup productions and like them. (about $100 a disk) If you have access to AutoCAD or a cad program... you can "trace" over about anything and that works well.

              OK... I would reccomend it to anyone, but I dont have any experience with the others out there.

              Hope that helps, let me know if you have any questions!