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Dynasty 200Dx problem

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  • Dynasty 200Dx problem

    Well last evening I had some trouble with my Dynasty200DX. This machine is one of the best investments I've made. It can turn out some nice looking welds but last evening I found that the tungsten was turning black. The filler rod was burning up and looking like crap. The arc was wanderering all over the place and the tungsten was balling, I was not a happy camper.

    I researched to see if anyone else had this problem and some did but there were never any follow ups on the problem. Why do folks come on here looking for answers and never post there findings after the fact?

    Anyway., After checking the usual setting, power source and the like I found the problem to be in the nozzle as pictured. I was doing some over head tiging and some aluminum fell into the nozzle blocking part of the gas flow. If you tig and you have a problem with your tungsten, arc or even can't seem to obtain a good looking weld, this should be the first place to look. I'm posting this so it might save some of you some very frustrating time trying to diagnose a simple problem.

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    Cool thanks, not that it will be soon for me to do an overhead. It still is nice to know that stuff happens to other people and not just me And I agree that they should at least acknowledge that they have read the answers. but as a recent party on this site said! He is much to busy for the mere nice polite thing to do
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      Thank you for the 'non follow-up'. I agree that it's too bad that some will ask questions and leave 'us' hanging. This is more helpful than you know. I'm in TIG 101 class and I'm almost to overhead welding. --> I hate overhead.
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        The polite thing to do!

        It is really sad that people so often think only of them selves these days but the truth of the matter is they often just are not thinking. They don't seem to worry cause they are just typing to a unknown basicly . Its that out of touch with things we get in this age of computers and automation. Thats my two cents on the unwashed masses lol.

        I just bought a new/old syncrowave 250 serial # KB102867 I do most of my current welding with a mig welder. I found I am somewhat limited with what metals I can weld so I sprung for this new tig welder. I was greatful for all of the imput on filler metals etc. I plan to get some schooling under my belt so I can really exceed at tig welding. There is a welding school about an hour from where I live and of course there are local tech schools that offer up eve and wknd classes. My Grandfather was a master welder for the PP&L and use to talk about the heliarc welding he did. Always fascinated me so looks like I am going to get right into it so I can become really good and follow his foot steps at being a master. I wanted to share a really neat website called welding tip and tricks. The webmaster is a no BS kinda guy with tons of really good tips info and short videos. Don't know if you ever heard of this site but it is worth taking a look at. If any of you want to chime in about the types of torches you are using or have pictures id certainly appreciate the input. KT
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          Good on you

          Hey Wildfire, you got lucky! That hot slug of metal did not go down your shirt!

          Thanks for the photo!