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Discontinued Model Spec sheets?

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  • Discontinued Model Spec sheets?

    I am trying to figure out what model of TIG machine I want, does anyone know of a good spot to find discontinued model spec sheets? I found the full manuals, but really don't want to wade through them all...


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    The fact that they have the manuals on line is a pretty good deal

    How many machines you looking at comparing?
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      From reading the posts around here a person shouldn't buy anything that isn't inverter based so the list should be pretty short

      I am all over the board, currently taking a welding class at the local community college for fun, and it will include some TIG welding. Also have an ex welding professor next door so learning shouldn't be a problem. Scope creep is the problem. In talking to the welding instructor next door he is concerned about amperage and duty cycles, but has no experience with the new inverter machines. I saw a couple of the Dynasty 300dx machines in class so I need to talk with the full time welding instructor instead of the new part time instructor that is teaching my class.

      I am currently considering the Diversion 165 to play with, and then when I get a project that I can't handle either going next door and using his water cooled Lincoln 275 or buying a used Syncrowave 250 or 350. I have also considered going straight to a used Dynasty 300dx if I can find something along those lines. Still learning and researching. This is just for home projects, but amazing how thick a person thinks they may weld someday... initial projects are lots of self education, bike frames made of Cromoly, alum, and perhaps titanium. Then when I really get dreaming I think about building an airplane (Bearhawk) with the welding instructor next door. (He has experience on planes already...). I also want to weld up some nice aluminum cases for high output audio amplifiers as well, which would be aluminum and thick for heat sync reasons. Also considering building an enclosed trailer.

      Any input appreciated, I have 220v 250 amp service to the house, a 50 amp circuit in place to both the garage and the shop with the panel only one concrete wall away from the shop if I evaluate and need to add amperage. Also, already have an arc welder (Lincoln 125/225 ac/dc) and two oxy setups.



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        Morgan, think about using the Lincoln AC/DC to get get you started on Tig, just get a torch with gas control knob....They work quite well, you will have to scratch start and Aluminum will be out of the question due to needing a hifreq box, but steel and stainless and bronze are very doable, Titanium is probably out due to contamination issues, but I was recently was very surprised how good the one at worked preformed. The big Synchros need lots of power, 100 amp service on 220vfor a 250, Do you have that at home????? Hope this helps,Paul

        BYW, I own a Synchrowave 250 and a Dynasty 200DX.....
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          Hadn't even heard of such a thing before! As far as service I have a 250 amp panel on the opposite side of a concrete wall from the shop. 50amp already run, it depends on the machine as to whether I have to rewire.

          Currently leaning towards finding a used 300dx...


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            Morgan, the 300DX will be a lot more machine in my opinion with a lot less power draw. It is also a lot more portable so if you get the notion, it can go along for a ride to a remote weld site. Let us know how you do. Paul
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