Hello all,

I've written a little how-to that I would eventually like to add to our FAQ.

If interested, please take a look and let me know if you would have anything to add to my instructions. Thank you!

Attach a photo:
- Initiate a new post/thread by clicking the "post reply" button within
a thread, or clicking on the "new thread" button.
-Click on the paperclip within the tools on the "reply to thread" area.
-A little drop-down menu will open, with a menu item that says "manage
attachments". Click on "manage attachments".
-Click the "browse" button.
- Another dialog box will open called "choose file". Navigate to the
location of the photo on your computer, select it, and click the "open"
button. This dialog box will now close.
-You're back on the "manage attachments" dialog box. Click the button
that says "upload". You'll see it appear in a new area called "current
attachments". Go up to the upper-right and click on the link that says
"Close this window".
-Back in your message area, click the paperclip again. You'll see your
new file available in the drop-down menu. Click the photo file name. A
link to the photo will appear in your message area. Do not alter this
inserted text or the link will not work properly. Once you submit your
message, the link will appear differently.

If you have your photo on a Web site, you can also attach a photo's URL
(Web address) and upload it from your server. (this can either be
accomplished through the "manage attachments" area or by clicking on the
"picture" icon in the tool bar, the yellow picture of mountains and a
sun.) You also have the ability to upload a photo from your computer by
typing the path to the photo, such as C:\desktop\images\photo.jpg Note:
If you delete or move the photo, I believe the photo will no longer
display on the fourm.