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  • dyn 200dx users help me out

    I am looking to buy a dyn 200 and my wifes uncle who is a pro welder says I will need a watercooler for it if I want to weld more than a couple inches.

    Is this true?

    Also, how thick of al can I weld with this machine. He says he uses 250A for 1/4 al so I would be limited to thinner but he has not used this exact machine.

    Thanks guys.
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    I have done some 1/4 lap welds with my 200DX just fine. It take a little longer to form a puddle or some preheat but it will do it. With the variable balance control you can get more heat into the metal then you could with a 200 amp sine wave machine.

    As far as a watercooled torch, they are very nice to have and I run one with my dynasty when I am at home. But you can do just fine with an air cooled torch and I use one when I am not at home, they get warm but you learn not to hold the neck of the torch when welding. Keep in mind the standard #17 air cooled torch that comes with the Dyanasty kits is only rated at 150 amps at 100% duty cycle on DC. Higher amps means you need cool off time. If you are looking to get into a Dynasty on a budget then wait on the water cooler and either build one or save up for one.

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      cool thanks. My thoughts are I will never need it for what ill be using it for but that makes me feel good that I can for sure get by now w/o it.
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        ive had my dyn200dx for years with just an air cooled torch i would love to have a water cooled but like said above you can run for a long time below 150amps. i just run till its uncomfortable to hold with tig gloves and then let it cool down when i was building a generator enclosure for a horse trailer i was using all .120wall 1x1 tube and i had a buttload of 1" welds that took me like 20 min to do and the torch wasnt too hot, i dont know the exact amount of amps i was using i had the machine at 200 but didnt have the pedal wide open either
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          sweet, I guess I can get it down the road.
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            You can weld 1/4 inch all dang day with a #26 air cooled torch.....I do that all the time. I don't want a cooler on mine, it needs to be portable but powerful as well.
            As for getting hot...well just charge more for your work, then it doesn't hurt nearly as bad

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              I agree with the posts in this thread. I wanted to make one clarification. When welding wide open at 200 amps with the Dynasty 200DX there are two limitations: one is the torch and the other is the duty cycle of the welder. Assuming that you use an air cooled 200 amp torch instead of the 150 amp torch that comes with the Dynasty package, then the torch won't be the limiting factor. The duty cycle of the Dynasty 200DX will be the limit. The duty cycle of the Dynasty is 20% @200 amps. That means that theretically you should only weld 2 minutes out of 10. I think that this is the point that your uncle was trying to make. I find that while I'm welding the actual arc time is a often a small percentage of the total welding time. I am preparing metal, moving my equipment, moving the work piece etc. so my actual welding time is closer to the required duty cycle. The Dynasty 200DX is different from conventional welding machines that have 40% to 60% duty cycles at their rated current. Having said that the Dynasty 200DX is a great machine if you understand its limitations.
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                Thicker Gloves for the Torch hand, or you can also run straight from a gardenhose and back out to your yard, orchids or whatever for the water cooled torch. Hope this helps,Paul
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