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    [QUOTE=dmk welding;160387]
    I got on with a local company in July and did a 1.5 month long job for them in Edmonton for peanuts compared to what I made in alberta. What a friggin joke this Saskatoon welding company example of the old CHEAP rig welder from Sask that is stuck in 1988 and thinks a guy should only get travel one way, etc etc. Scabby welder also...will never even consider working for him again. Sorry for that rant.
    Kind of ironic that you left AB for Sask and then you ended up in Edmonton but making SK wages. It's crazy that lloyminster/cold lake area can be paying upwards of $40/hr for b welders without a rig..and the same job a couple hours east of there will only pay $25-30.
    Good luck to you..If you end up doing the camp thing I know Boilermakers 146 is always looking.


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      Yup...worked right across 17th Street for Esso in Jan and Feb for $100/hr through Cobra and yeah my first job with a Sask company is in Edmonton for alot less than that. I realized the irony for sure. How I managed to get through that job I'll never know...
      These Sask employers are going to have to join the 21st century here right away or they'll be out of business when the real boom hits and the bigger Alberta companies like Flint, Cobra etc start moving in.


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        Originally posted by dmk welding View Post
        These Sask employers are going to have to join the 21st century here right away or they'll be out of business when the real boom hits and the bigger Alberta companies like Flint, Cobra etc start moving in.
        Now it's **** near impossible for a first time home buyer in Sask...the wages haven't gone up but the house prices shot through the roof. Very sad situation, just like the stock market, but with houses everyone plays whether they want to or not...

        Funny driving down 51st street the other night (coming home after getting groceries) and seeing at least 10 "wanted" signs...there is a major labor shortage, but nobody truely realizes the pay will have to go up to get and keep employees.
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          Just thought I'd report in on my latest efforts to gain decent employment in Saskatchewan....

          I went in for an interview this morning at Saskatoon Boiler Mfg. Ltd and it went the spiel and the usual shop tour from the president and then it came down to the numbers. According to their boilermakers union agreement a journeyman red seal pressure welder is deserving of 24.38/hr precisely...exactly the amount needed to foreclose on my mortgage and fall into finacial ruin! Sweet.

          I paid Alberta prices for my house here in Stoon, I pay Alberta prices every time I fill up my truck at the pumps (probably more), I pay Alberta prices at the grocery store, Etc, Etc. So, why then do I still get a Sask wage which is 10 years behind Alberta's? From A Boilermakers union no less???? And here's the kicker once again...they wanted me to service boilers in Northern Alberta from time to time at this Sask rate using their trucks while mine sits in the garage.

          Anyways, there's my rant for the day...again.
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            dmk, sorry to here you're having a tough time after the move. It's also too bad it's taking so long for the wages to catch up to what a working man needs to survive on. I can only imagine the financial pressure you must be feeling and not to mention a little frustration with Sask. economics. Are you or have you been sending resumes to AB. companies? I've heard a few names in conversations if you want to try, Triton, Wabi and DFI.(piles and caps) Flint in Sherwood Park.


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              Sorry to hear about the bad luck DMK, I hope things turn around for you soon.
              I'll keep my ears open and let you know ASAP if I hear of anything.

              Pleasure meeting you last week by the way, we'll have to get together again sometime.
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