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  • vertical mig gas

    Is it possible to run vertical mig with 98% Argon 2% Oxygen gas?
    Welders do it hotter!!

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    MIG typically only runs out of position when in the short circuiting transfer mode. Otherwise it runs to hot, the puddle will not hold. FCAW works good for this due to its fast freezing slag to hold everything where it needs to be.
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      Unless you're using a mig with pulse capability (MM350P, etc), I think you're going to find that the 98/02 is a little hot (too fluid a puddle) to use for vertical welding. 98/02 is best for use in spray transfer when using a limited output mig (requires less amps than a 92% Argon/8% CO2 mix).

      You'll get much better results with C25.
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