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Dynasty 200 vs 302 w/High Freq Box

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  • Dynasty 200 vs 302 w/High Freq Box

    I am trying to decide on what to use for my mobile AC Tig setup. I am sick of hauling my Dynasty 300 to job sites. I do a lot of mobile marine work (mostly anodized pipe.) I love my Dynasty 300 inverter welder, but I was thinking of just getting a high frequency box for my TB 302. My other option is to get a Dynasty 200DX. I usually bump weld at 190amps 210hz 60%EN. I wouldn't want to exceed the duty cycle of the 200DX. Does any one have any recommendations? I like the adjustability of the dynasty and am afraid I won't be happy with the TB 302 AC 60hz 50EN/50EP non adjustable arc. Does anyone have any experience welding anodized pipe with a TB302 and HF251 setup? Thanks for any input
    Mark Thompson
    Arc Tech Welding

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    Most of the guys I know of in marine are running a Miller 30A spoolgun and a WC-24 controller. Is there a reason that you are tigging?


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      arctech. I have done both and find that the spool gun is more forgiving as it is 100% electrode positive and can weld some pretty dirty stuff. I don't think you will be happy using the Dyn200dx at those amps , the hifreq start is not the best imo...once light it will cruise along though. I have used the 30A spool gun and the old geezer snail shape Miller spooley with a 302 and both work great. you can get a little more heat from the Dyn using 50/50 AR/He, something to think about. I will try to post some pics of the stuff from the 302, Hopes this Helps, Brown
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        Originally posted by paulrbrown View Post
        arctech. I don't think you will be happy using the Dyn200dx at those amps , the hifreq start is not the best imo...once light it will cruise along though.
        The current version (serial numbers LJ280222L and later) have fixed those problems. More info on that in this thread New Dynasty 200DX?? What gives...

        Another vote for the spoolgun here, it works in most situations and as previously mentioned is more forgiving. If your all ready using a spoolgun and are just looking to fill the void then I vote for the Dynasty. The Trailblazer only puts out 30-225 amps AC so your only gaining 25 amps and your losing all your bells and whistles.
        Just my take.
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          Tuff decision....a TrailBlazer running a 200DX would be nice and mobile but if you are going to run the Dynasty on customers juice I would stick with your 300 Dynasty. Same cord and higher potential IMO. Just rig longer cables maybe?
          I run my Dynasty maxxed out quite often with no problems, it lights just fine most of the time.
          I would not choose a spoolgun on anodized pipe if I cared about how it would look when finished. Big gobs of splatter all over some high buck tower or arch that was brite-dipped would present too many problems cleaning up to look good. One scratch and it is junk Tig is the ONLY choice IMO

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