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Surface plate table.

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  • Surface plate table.

    I need a simple rolling stand for a surface plate. Probably a bad idea for a real plate, but the one I bought is just been used for light fixturing, not much real surface plate work. It needs to appear and disappear on cue. I can figure out the assembly for such a device, but I figured there might be a standard that I could copy. My plate is 6" x 24" x 36". It will ballance on three contact points but I was planing on framing it also, so that there would be a backup rail all around it. I did find a Gov. standards bulletin, but no plans, just specs for supporting it.

    The info I need could be specific designs, but it could also be generic things on how to weld a table. I am planing on using angle, the top will be an upward facing frame, that will capture the whole base of the granite plate. I will place two more supports across the top frame to support the plate on the three point base. There will be another upward facing frame at the bottom, it will allow a shelf, but mainly be there for structure. There will be 4 angle posts at the corners. So part of the issue is how to best cut and weld the frames and posts. Some say interlocking squares, others say diagonals with missing corners over which the posts lap. There is probbably a way of doing it so all the parts meet flush, or that takes advantge of laps. I don't have the background to know how best to do this stuff, and I am sure i will get something strong enough, but it is fun to learn as one goes, so I figured I should ask.

    With what the chinese stuff cost it may be cheaper to just buy a hydrolic lift table for 88 bucks and be done with it.

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