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MM 212 Problem - HELP!

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  • MM 212 Problem - HELP!

    Hey guys,

    I’ve been a long time reader but this is my first post. You all have many great ideas and input to the world of welding and it is much appreciated. I would consider myself pretty good at most welding applications since I went through the welding program at the local junior college a few years back. I purchased a MM 212 about a year ago and it has worked great for me. Just recently I have noticed something particularly unusual.

    When the machine is powered on for the first time that day, it runs the first bead (about 3-4 inches long) very nice with good uniformity. As you continue to use the machine as it warms up, the popping noise gets more pronounced and the filler will burn back up into the torch, then drop a glob of filler, then burn back up, then drop and so on. FYI – I have been running 75%/25% shielding gas with .030” ER70S-6 filler at tap 5 with a speed of 64. I set the gas at approx. 25 – 30 cfh. I adjusted the tension today (holding the gun and pointing towards the floor – set so it just barely wants to push the gun upwards from the floor when the trigger is pulled) and thought that may have helped some and also noticed that if you don’t pay attention and let the cable get into a loop tighter than about 2 ft. dia. it seams that might cause the problem to occur more often too...not sure. But I’m still baffled…could it be the filler size? Too small running at such a high setting on the machine?? Just curious on your input and if you’ve had this problem before.

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    Try a new tip in the gun for starters. Then check the ground cable for tightness on the ground clamp, and the connection on the welding power cable. As the unit welds ok to start then goes funky may its just something loose that heats up as you weld.


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      The idea is to spool the wire in the palm of your hand without it slipping. It slips right away you know it's tip, liner, drive rolls or tension


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        What you describe is definitely a feed problem. What are you welding? Tap 5 and 64 on the WS sounds hot to mee, but if you're working on thicker stock and moving at the right speed, it oughtta be all good!

        You'll have to take it one step at a time. All of the suggestions are on point. Start at the tip and work backwards! There's also the possibilty that you have hit a bad spot in the wire roll. Check to be sure it's not egg shaped. Also, verify that you have the right drive roll grove set.

        Let us know what you find!

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          Could also be dirt in the liner. Blow it out with air if you have it available.


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