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miller welder will not rev-up

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    Sorry guys, did not see there was a second page to this thread. Did not mean to jump in the middle. weldersales


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      Originally posted by weldersales View Post
      Your machine is a 1988 AEAD200LE, I believe. There should be two boards in the machine, each about 3" by 6". One is the regulator and the other is idle control. These can be repaired or replaced. The solenoid is fed through a circuit breaker. Your welder has the Onan B48M, right? Idle solenoid is round, about 1 1/2" in diameter and 5" long? weldersales
      Yes, mine actually serial numbers to 1985 but all of the above is correct. Onan b48m engine. serial jg021098. Has about 1037 hours. Wont idle down and surges under 1800 rpm no load. Tried loading with heaters and didnt help though I only had two 1500 watt to plug in. Also cant figure out where batt charging voltage comes from. Off the Idle board? Seems that way looking at circuit diagram but those are pretty greek to me. Also under the solenoid there is a small unit that is not used on my machine, looking like a vacuume device of some kind. Not plugged in. Cant find anything like it on the drawings. Thanks, Steve
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        Yes, the JG serial will have 2 boards, anything above JH will have a board and a module.

        Order the idle board and you'll get a module, and as I mentioned it lists out at $94.

        The idle board is under the front face of the carrying hook looking at the front face of the welder


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          Cruiser. I took all the info you gave me on what to check. I reattached the circuit board I told you I didn't have. I fired the welder up, and struck a arc, and it reved up to welding rpm. I used it almost three hours with no problems. Then for no reason the same problem came back (no welding rpm) Since the covers were still off I tapped the panel that held the two relays, and the circuit board, the black box with the 6 connections, it started working again. that means I have the problem narrowed down. I am going to use it agoain tomorrow. The board may have a bad connection, or one of the relays isn't working like it should? As long as it is working I need to get some repairs done. Thanks for your help. Stan


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            Had to be one of the little sealed relays sticking, any automotive parts place will carry them (under 10 bucks) Tapping the 6 wire module, won't do anything